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How To Spot Fake Supreme Box Logo Hoodie

This is our authentication guide on how to authentically check the Supreme Box Logo Hoodie, by using the neck tags, the box logo as well as the wash tag, and the side tag. The Supreme Box Logo Hoodie’s authentic comparisons between fake and real will provide you with the information you need to authenticate your product. The Supreme Hoodie is among the most counterfeited products in the fashion world. They can be sold for less than $150, and the resell markup can be higher than $1500 (or significantly higher, based on a variety of aspects). The 900% markup draws counterfeit sellers and see it as a lucrative opportunity. To ensure you don’t spend your money on counterfeit Supreme Box Logo replicas, check out this information on how to authenticate a Supreme Box Logo replica.

.The Box Logo Position Method

The first thing to do when looking at a replica of a hoodie should be to examine the placement of the logo on the box it self. The fake version vs. genuine Supreme Box Logo replica comparison below, you can observe that on the real red supreme hoodie the logo of the box is perfectly aligned. It’s not so for the fake hoodie with the box logo which has the logo of the box is moved further to the left, or to the left as can be seen in the fake image below.

The differences in the positioning on the logo of the box could be seen when looking at its position in relation with the pockets. If we draw lines from the logo of the box towards the pocket, we can clearly see the difference in position.

The Box Logo Method

If you’re trying to figure out how to recognize a fraudulent Supreme Box Logo hoodie, you should definitely check the stitching on the logo of the box. There are a few things to be aware of when checking the authenticity of this particular detail.

  1. Spacing

There ought to be a little bit more space in the lettering of the genuine Box Logo. You can see this in our real vs . fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie replica comparison below The fake box logo hoodie features extremely little spaces between each letter, it is a clear indication that the item is fake.

  1. The letter “p”

The fake makers almost never make this mistake The letter ‘p’ needs to be a certain shape. The space inside the letter ‘p’ should look similar to an ‘0’ instead of an ‘o’. Refer at the counterfeit versus. genuine Bogo comparision below in order to learn more about what we are talking about.

  1. The letters “e'”

The e’s on a genuine Supreme Bogo also must be stretched vertically and shouldn’t appear like the shape of an o. The fakes of lower quality are likely to display what is known as a floating flaw’. This is the case when we draw lines under the Supreme stitching the e’s will not be able to be able to touch the line. This flaw could result from their incorrect placement.

  1. The letters’ thickness

In general, authentic Supreme Bogo letters tend to be more thick than authentic ones. This can be observed when looking at the letters’m” on the Supreme Box Logo Hoodie. and fake.

Another aspect to be considered is the stitching on the inside should not be too thick.

Authenticate With Real Experts

The Neck Tag Method

There are some things to take into consideration when taking a look at the neck tag in the Supreme Box Logo hoodie legit verify. To determine if it is a fake or a real Supreme neck tags examine the method of sewing it to the hoodie. Genuine neck tags usually appear cleaner as opposed to fake ones.

Another method to verify the neck tag of a Supreme Hoodie is to measure whether the tag is located between as well as the “Made in Canada” tag. In the image below, you will notice how close the fake tags are situated next to one another. On the genuine Supreme Bogo hoodie, the two fake tags are separated between them.

A final, very obvious indicator of a genuine counterfeit Supreme neck tag is the positions of the neck tags. Authentic Supreme necktags are set in a way that, if we draw lines beneath the tag that is smaller and continue to draw a line, it will be over the “supreme” part that is on the tag with the greater size.

To gain a better understanding take a look at for a better understanding, refer to Supreme Bogo neck tags that is real and fake examples below. It is evident that the line that is below the fake “Made in Canada tag continues to cut the Supreme logo off on one tag.

The Backside Neck Tag Method

The reverse of the Supreme neck label, you should be aware of some important specifics.

The first thing to consider is that there should be some open space over an indication of size. If you are taking a look at the real and counterfeit Supreme neck tag image below the fake tag has virtually no empty space above the indication of size. In contrast there is a lot of empty space in the bottom that is the case with the fake tag.

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