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How To Set Up Your Company’s Virtual Office At A New Location? 

With the advancements in science and technology and the popularization of remote work and virtual work during and after the COVID pandemic, it is no surprise that people are slowly determining that virtual work is preferable to reporting to the office every day.  

With a virtual office, many people can increase their hours of productivity by cutting out the time spent commuting to work. While using virtual offices in a new location may be simple since one does not have to physically relocate to the new area, setting the office up requires some effort. Here is how you can set up your company’s new virtual office at a new location. 

Virtual Offices: What Are They? 

Virtual offices are similar to ordinary physical offices in an office building or park, all with a critical difference. Everything happens virtually. The term “virtual office” encompasses the infrastructure, technologies, and policies that businesses put in place to facilitate remote work without compromising the cohesiveness of the team as a whole. When a company opts for a virtual office, it takes advantage of the growing flexible workspace market. This includes various services, locations, or tools to companies without forcing them to take on the financial burden of conventional office ownership or lease. 

New digital business builders and traditional business owners who wish to move their activities online may benefit from using virtual office spaces to centralize their work and improve their interactions with customers and staff. You can sign up with a virtual office service that will offer you a complete array of digital and physical office equipment for a monthly fee or a fee per service. You may also set up your own virtual office space that is tailored to your specific company requirements. The choice depends on what you are willing to do as a company. 

Setting Up a Virtual Office 

You may ask yourself, “What do I need to get a new virtual office near me.” If you are, you need to understand that a good office, whether physical or virtual, needs a few basic things, without which the office will not thrive. These are: 

  • Communication 
  • Handling of Files and Records 
  • Staff Management and Diary Keeping 
  • Virtual Mailing Services 

Staff Management and Diary Keeping 

Working remotely often poses a significant problem for human resources since it is difficult to monitor people physically daily. One of the many ways a virtual assistant may aid is by providing administrative support. Therefore, you will want to hire an assistant to handle the administrative tasks associated with running your own company, such as setting up meetings and organizing your daily routine. The virtual assistant can also double up as an HR administrator by ensuring that all people commit to their deliverable tasks regularly and ultimately accomplish what is expected of them as early as possible. 


When setting up a virtual workplace, communication methods should precede all others. When you’re working remotely, you won’t have as much opportunity for face-to-face interaction with coworkers and clients. So, you won’t be able to socialize with your coworkers and employees as much as you would in a traditional office setting. An effective structure for virtual communication may make up for this, allowing the organization to continue operating normally even when certain employees are in far-flung places.  

To that end, all workers are free to work from wherever there is an appropriate connection to the communication system. Workplace messaging platforms are pretty common these days, including social media such as WhatsApp and video conferencing via Zoom or Skype. The choice to go will depend on your budget and your company’s specific needs. 

Virtual Mailing Services 

A virtual office is the best way to ensure that you may work from anywhere without having to show up to the office daily. In addition, an actual mailing address is still necessary for doing business with other organizations. It is also a prerequisite for registration of businesses in the UK, failure to which you will conflict with the law. Virtual mailing addresses are a convenient method to combine the convenience of a virtual company with the reach of a traditional brick-and-mortar location. As such, while establishing your virtual office, be sure to provide a mailing address in case future correspondence requires it. 

Handling of Files and Records 

Internal documents and data must be managed effectively when a business operates out of a virtual or physical space. Successful operations are impossible without well-organized records and files, which is why document management is crucial to every company. Choose a cloud-based repository to store all of your company’s administrative data and documents if you’re thinking of setting up a virtual office.  

Several cloud storage providers, such as OneDrive and Google Drive, offer low-cost or even free online file storage and management capabilities. You can always boost the storage capacity by paying for the premium packages. 

Proper Mindset 

After setting up the virtual office, you need to create a proper mindset and corporate culture within the organization that allows people to work from home with minimal supervision while still achieving what is expected. Corporate culture can be inculcated from the early stages of the organization through onboarding and reinforced through regular communication.  

Having a fixed place to do business makes it much simpler to establish procedures. However, it may be challenging to keep oneself organized when you’re not in a conventional office setting. This is why a virtual office manager needs to set up a dedicated workspace for their staff. This can include using platforms such as Slack and Google Sheets for setting deliverables and to-do lists. The workers can then set their schedules and determine how they will work at their own pace, provided they meet their deadlines. 

Parting Shot 

Setting up a new working place for employees already accustomed to working in a certain way can be tasking. However, change is always good for a growing organization, primarily when the change seeks to allow improvement. To avoid hurdles in implementing a new virtual office, you can incorporate the tips above to guarantee a smooth transition. 

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