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How to Renew Vanuatu Passport: Guide

A Vanuatu passport opens up many opportunities. It makes it easy to travel around the world, and the country offers a comfortable environment for doing business. That is why Immigrant Invest expert Svetlana Gorchakova recommends everyone get citizenship in this country in exchange for investment.

Hundreds of investors have already taken advantage of this program. However, since it has been operating long, some have needed to renew their Vanuatu passport. Fortunately, it is a simple procedure that does not take much time.

To renew a Vanuatu passport, it will be necessary to:

  • fill out a special form for a replacement document;
  • provide the original certificate of citizenship;
  • bring 2 photos 5.1 x 5.1;
  • to give back an expired passport;
  • provide the original birth certificate;
  • pay the fee.

The procedure is relatively straightforward. Thus, it is easy not only to get Vanuatu citizenship but also to update the document.

How does the procedure for renewing a Vanuatu passport work?

A Vanuatu passport is issued for a certain period. This fact must be taken into account by its owner. Unfortunately, the document owners need to remember to reissue it in time. However, it is easy to solve this problem.

Initially, you must go to the consulate or embassy of the country in question. You will be required to provide a copy of your expired passport and certificate of citizenship. You will also need to provide two new photos. Then fill out the form and pay the fee. Now it is $160.

The procedure for issuing a new passport takes about ten days. Since the process has been regulated for a long time, it is possible to quickly obtain a document and travel worldwide or receive services within the state without any problems. Vanuatu passport renewal will pass without any issues. It is the best proof that citizenship in this country is a rational decision.

Advantages of applying for a Vanuatu passport

If you still do not have a document from this country, try to get one. For the convenience of potential investors in this country, there are several ways to obtain a document. The easiest one is naturalization. First, however, you will need to live in the country for ten years.

Fortunately, Vanuatu has a “Citizenship by Investment” program, which can accelerate this process. The program allows the applicant to pay a certain amount as a lump sum to get preferential treatment in obtaining a passport.

So, the minimum contribution is $150,000. If you need to execute the documents for a husband/wife, this amount increases to 170,000, with children up to 200,000 dollars. There are also other fees. For example:

  • the citizenship processing fee is $15,000;
  • the application fee is $50;
  • the payment for the birth certificate is $100;
  • the document fee – is $160;
  • VAT at the rate of 15%.

There will also be a $15,000 fee for an additional dependent.

Once this has been paid for, processing of the document will begin. In doing so, it is necessary to provide certificates to the officials of this country. For example, such as:

  • all applications for a passport;
  • current identity document;
  • photo;
  • health certificate;
  • bank statement;
  • proof of the honest receipt of assets;
  • certificate of no criminal record.

In general, it may seem that the requirements here imply an excessive number of documents. However, in reality, they are easy to arrange. You will also have to deal with such papers in other countries.

They are needed so that local officials can be sure that they are not issuing a document to a fraudster but to a real investor who will help improve this state.

Get a Vanuatu passport today

It is enough to pass step-by-step all the steps to become a citizen of the country. Since you know how to renew a Vanuatu passport, you can easily renew it as often as you want. Here is more detailed information about this procedure.

Vanuatu is a country with a pleasant climate and good infrastructure. Therefore, your whole family will be comfortable here. And thanks to the preferences you receive, you can develop your own business or start a new business.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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