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How to Remarket on Facebook and Instagram Ads

You already know that advertising on Facebook and Instagram is cool. It’s cool, and it works.

There are thousands and thousands of different strategies and tactics when it comes to creating advertising campaigns on social networks ( and how fun it is that there are so many different options! ), but today I am going to talk about one of my favorites: REMARKETING.

Remarketing advertising is one of the best things in life. Why?

 Because remarketing audiences are people who already know you. To you, to your product, to your service. They already know who you are, and therefore, they are one step closer to converting.

In addition, remarketing (or retargeting) campaigns tend to cost less ( have lower CPCs ) and convert more ( whoops! ), which makes them an advertiser’s delight.

Since users are more likely to engage with ads from brands they know and trust, this is a win-win situation.

What is remarketing?

Let’s see, let’s start at the beginning. What is this remarketing thing? Or retargeting?

Remarketing is nothing more than retargeting (that is, re-targeting) people who have already taken a previous action on your website or social network account. People who are not totally unknown.

It is about teaching a specific message to people who already know you. Whether because they have entered your website or blog, have seen one of your ads on Facebook, or have interacted with your Instagram posts.

In this way, your message reaches users who know who you are ( some will know you more, some less ).

And why should we use remarketing strategies?

I’ll keep telling you, darling.

For any business, attracting new users (what we would call cold audiences) is absolutely essential. Otherwise, it is impossible to grow.

But it is also absolutely essential to keep the users you already have (regardless of the phase they are in the conversion funnel) since ( and now stay tuned because what I am going to tell you is worth GOLD ):

And this is where retargeting comes in. This strategy allows you to connect with users who already know you and make them convert (for the first time) or continue to do so (re-engage, re-engage). Remind him that you can satisfy his need to buy or hire a service.

To create it, you simply have to go to your Facebook advertising account (it is the same pixel to create ads on Facebook and Instagram), go to the Pixel section, and create a new one.

Now it’s time for the most fun: creating remarketing lists.

How to create a remarketing list on Facebook Ads (or Instagram Ads)

Remarketing lists are super easy to create ( word of Baby Jesus ). In a jiffy, you will have them ready to start launching campaigns.

From the Facebook ad manager, you will create lists for both FB and Instagram, 2 in 1.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Enter the ad manager and go to the “Audiences” section.

2. Click on the “Create Audience” button > “Custom Audience.”

In the lists that I will tell you about later, we will serve: Client files, Web traffic, and Interaction, but go, you know that all these options are very similar.

9 different remarketing lists that you can create in Facebook Ads

These 9 ways to remarket are excellent ways to connect with users at different stages of the funnel and achieve your goals. They may not all work for you, so you will have to try them and measure the results.

1. People who have visited your website (any page)

Here we refer to anyone who has entered your website. Be it the home page, the blog, the “about us” section, or simply the contact page.

We do not know.

We only know that this user has entered your website at some point (you can choose the window of time in which this person must have visited your website).

It is a cold and poorly segmented audience since, within this list, there may be people who have visited you 239 times in the last 7 days and others who only entered once because they made a mistake.

2. People who have bought

Why should you create a list with people who have already bought from you? “If they have already bought me, firewood, I don’t want them for anything else,” you may think.


We want to create a list of users who have already converted for two simple reasons:

So that they don’t see the ads aimed at people who haven’t bought yet ( you know how annoying it is to keep seeing ads for products or services that WE ALREADY HAVE THEM, sorry, you’re really annoying ).

To make them buy from you again or to recommend you, launching super specific campaigns. I’ve told you before: it’s cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new one.

You can launch upselling campaigns or related products or offer a discount so that they buy again. The options are endless.

3. People who have read your blog articles

Many of the readers of your blog will be because they have found your article on Google (if you are well positioned) or because someone on their social networks has recommended it, or because it is linked to a website that they follow. This means that many of them do not know who you are, nor do they follow you on your networks, nor do they intend to do so. They read one of your posts very well, thank you, and leave.

4. People who have seen one (or more) of your videos

Did you know that you can create a list of users who, even if they have not visited your website, have seen one of your videos?

I advise you first to create a video ad aimed at people who DO NOT KNOW YOU.

Videos are a format that is fashionable and that is cool. You will get many views (if you segment well and if your video is worth it, of course). Many people that you can then remarket ( does this verb exist? ).

Then, create a retargeting campaign and only launch it to people who have seen, say, 25% or 50% of your video.

5. People who have visited a specific landing page (but have not converted)

Do you have a sales landing page?

A sales landing page means a specific URL where a product or service appears and that has the objective of SELL.

This landing will have visits (organic, social traffic, referral traffic, thanks to newsletters, etc.), but not all of these visits will end up converting. What’s more, the % of those who do so right off the bat will be very low.

That is why it is essential that you create campaigns aimed at these people who have visited your landing (or landings) but have not bought. You can even offer them a discount.

6. People who have viewed the pricing page

This list is very similar to the previous one. These are users who have visited a specific landing page (the price page) but have not purchased.

Normally, the websites that have a specific price page are those of online tools or services.

The people who have visited this page are (surely) interested in your brand, but they still haven’t decided. Don’t you think they need a little push?

7. People who have subscribed to your newsletter

The people who subscribe to your newsletters know you well and like what you do ( otherwise, they would be deleted from your list since periodically receiving emails from a brand you don’t like doesn’t make much sense ).

These people are much closer to converting ( if they haven’t already ) than a simple reader of your blog or a user who only follows you on Facebook and never interacts with you, right?

8. People who have started a purchase but have abandoned the cart without converting

Oh, abandoned carts!

For any eCommerce, they are a continuous headache. Why do people add products and then not end up buying them? (I do it constantly, of course)

Luckily there is remarketing (both on Facebook & Instagram Ads and through email marketing) to remind people of what they have forgotten in the cart and increase the conversion rate.

9. People who have not bought for a long time

We continue with the same as before. Getting someone who has already bought from you to do it again is much easier than getting someone who has never done it to do it ( OMG, what a little phrase ).

If there are users who have not bought from you for a long time, why not try to make them do it again right now?

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