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How to prepare for CLAT 2023?

The official notification by the Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs) mentions that CLAT 2023 will be conducted on 18 December 2022. This is the first time that CLAT has been conducted so early. It was usually conducted in the first week of May, but now it is in December 2022. Since the exam is 5 months ahead of when it used to be, the time left for preparation is less. However, the added advantage of the preponed exam is that the CLAT 2023 exam won’t clash with the candidate’s board exams. With less time at hand, an obvious question must have crossed or must be lingering in the candidate’s minds; ‘How to prepare for CLAT 2023’ within such a short span? The shortage of time demands the candidate to put in an extra effort to crack the exam. Through this article, we have tried to suggest some effective tips and tricks that can help you with your CLAT 2023 exam preparations.

CLAT 2023: Exam Pattern

Before starting the preparation, the candidate must be well informed about the CLAT 2023 eligibility, exam pattern, syllabus and tips to prepare. So, we will look at the CLAT 2023 exam pattern.

The CLAT exam has 5 sections; English, General Knowledge and Current affairs, elementary mathematics, legal aptitude and logical reasoning. These components have been included in the exam to check the aspirant’s aptitude for legal studies. The candidate must focus on various topics in these 5 sections while preparing for the exam. You can read about the CLAT 2023 syllabus in detail.

CLAT 2023: Section-Wise Weightage and Questions

Based on the previous years’ CLAT exam papers, the marks and question distribution are expected in CLAT 2023. The blueprint can be used to further effectively plan the preparation schedule. The distribution is as follows:

SectionsQuestions (Approx)Marks Distribution (Approx)
English including Comprehension28-3228-32
General Knowledge and Current Affairs35-3935-39
Legal reasoning35-3935-39
Logical reasoning28-3228-32
Quantitative Techniques13-1713-17

How to prepare for CLAT 2023?

Once the candidate is acquainted with the exam pattern and other aspects of the exam, they must make their study plan. The study plan will only help if it is well thought of and is abided by religiously. The candidates can consider the following preparation tips to make an effective plan. and can also get the answer on how to prepare for CLAT 2023.

  1. Know your exam syllabus and pattern.

The candidates need to be fully aware of the exam and its technicalities. The proper knowledge of exam patterns and syllabi helps determine what is to be studied and how much time must be dedicated to a subject or topic.

2.      Have a study plan.

Since the time left for preparation for CLAT 2023 is a little less, a well-thought study routine becomes all the more important. A study plan must include the number of hours you want to dedicate to a particular subject or topic. It also includes a strategy to complete the syllabus and revise it. A study plan will help you systematically crack CLAT as the preparation becomes more organized with a good study plan. The study plan must include time for the practice of mock tests and sample papers.

3.    Choose your study material wisely.

Many printed or virtual study resources are available for CLAT 2023 preparations. But not all of them are not reliable enough to be referred to as crack CLAT 2023. So it becomes all the more important for the candidate to look through the material available and decide which one to choose for preparations. A few things we can keep in mind while choosing a good resource are: 

·         Look for resources with the latest and updated exam patterns and syllabus.

·         The source of procurement of the resources must be reliable, like well-known coaching classes, reputed publication houses, and books from reputed authors like Norman Lewis and Wren & Martin for English and Comprehension.

·         The resource must include all the topics from the updated and revised syllabus for the exam.

4.      Make concise notes.

Revision is another important aspect of the CLAT exam preparations. So, while studying, make short notes which can be referred to during revision. Short notes come in handy during the last-minute revision of concepts.

5. Focus on your reading skills

Since the CLAT exam includes a lot of passages, the candidates find the exam to be very lengthy. The questions they know the answers to are also left unattended. So, the candidates and the concepts must also focus on their reading skills. It will help them increase their speed, and thereby more questions can be attended to.

6.      Regular practice through mock tests and sample papers.

Mock tests and sample papers are equally important in preparation for completing the same. The mock tests and sample papers help the candidates to develop a temper for the exam. The mock tests and sample papers help the candidate have a fair idea of the exam pattern and help you increase your speed. Through mock analysis, the candidates can determine areas of improvement and expertise. Accordingly, the candidates can alter their study routines. 

CLAT 2022: Resources

Since selecting appropriate resources can be a big hindrance in CLAT exam preparation, here are some resources that the candidates can use. The resources are for legal aptitude, Current Affairs General Knowledge, and English.

  1. For Legal Aptitude

·         Legal Awareness and Legal Aptitude by AP Bhardwaj

·         LexisNexis Butterworths

·         The Hindu or The Indian Express

·         Legal magazines, judgments and editorials

2.      For Current affairs and general knowledge preparation

·         Read a newspaper daily like the Hindu, The Indian Express, or the Live mint.

·         Read online editorial articles.

·         For General knowledge, read history, polity, economics, and environment of 12th Standard.

·         Read monthly current affairs magazine

3.      For English and Reading Comprehension

·         Wren and Martin

·         Norman LewisWith appropriate resources and a proper study plan, cracking CLAT 2023 will not be as challenging as it seems.

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