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How to Organize Live Stream Business Meetings

Different type of media offers various benefits to your users. The traditional means of communication via posts, text, pictures, and static presentation are slowly fading away. Thanks partially to the recent pandemic, the silver lining was the realization, of how video streaming can be of use. Working from home was a good start, but live presentations, webinars and streams are taking over, riding that wave of fame as people have gotten used to them. And for a good reason, as they present a fabulous opportunity of unimaginable interactivity between you and your customer base. As with all new things, there are a couple of items you need to take care of beforehand, and we are here to help you with your business.

1. Check for the basics

We will list some that are commonly overlooked or taken for granted. Your streaming platform, bandwidth and gear are the new bare necessities. Streaming platforms are popping off left and right, and you need diligent research on which one you want to present your business. Every platform has its specific user base and is a vital part of your online marketing.  You have to match your choice of platform with the data you have.

Video presentations are much heavier on your internet traffic and require a stable, quality and fast connection for a seamless and professional presentation. Last but not least, your camera, audio mixer, microphone, lighting and switcher are there to enhance your stream. Yes, all of these are investments but ones that will more than pay for themselves. Cutting corners before you even start streaming will put a damper on your future presentations. Any costs you think you are saving will result in a negative first impression, and that’s something that doesn’t have a price tag.

2. Test three times, stream once

If you think live streams are done by simply sitting down and turning on the camera while millions watch, you are in for a surprise. Professional streams look exactly like that because they had the time to prepare. From topics to adjusting technical issues, you need to plan and leave room in the schedule for rehearsal, tone tests, tech tests and final presentations before the live show.

Such practices will give your presenters a chance to work their lines, and perfect their presentation while giving your tech, sound and production team a fighting chance if things go south while live. Your brand reputation depends on how you present yourself to your customers, and you will only have one chance to leave a good first impression. Professionalism does not happen overnight, but thru diligent practice and dedication to the craft.

3. Respect the user’s time

While live streams can technically last for hours, you need to ask yourself if is it necessary. Some presentations take time, and you can make them as long as you wish, but again, you have to research how long is too long. Customers’ attention degrades over time, and they need to stop everything they are doing to watch your stream. With live streams, you are fighting for their attention against myriad other options, so you have to make it count.

Creating quality and profitable live stream conferences is a form of art you can hone over time. Have a plan B prepared in the form of VODs, or videos on demand. Maybe some of your customers can’t make it to the show or watch it at a set time. Maybe they are in a different time zone. Whatever the case may be when you provide VODs for them to download and watch at their leisure, you show your customers that you care. When your customers watch VODs, their focus is much higher, and you leave a lasting impression.

4. Prepare the field

Creating hype for your presentation ensures success. Streams and live presentations cost a lot of money, so they need a large audience to be profitable. Each presentation is a business opportunity for you to capitalize on, and you can’t do that if no one comes to see it. Here you can use multiplatform communication, where your other social media are used as a jumping board for your streaming service. You can have the best stream in the world prepared for an awesome product, and it will all be in vain if your view count is near zero. Research the ideal time and day so that people can book in advance. Giving your stream a fighting chance is half the battle.

5. Hire Big Names

Getting started in any branch of business is tough. Building trust and reputation with your core audience takes time. When you are in a crunch, there are shortcuts you can take, and try and jump-start your streaming channel. Influencers are starting to play a key part in everyone’s marketing strategy, and streaming is no exception. Think of streamers as your representatives where you pay for their market influence. Influencers or streamers have a set audience, established presence and generally loyal followers.

Partnering up and creating a long, prosperous, and engaging practice makes sense if you want to get in quick on the whole streaming segment. We advise caution, and as with all topics, this one requires research more than others. People associate the face with the brand or product, and should your choice of influencers prove bad or wrong, then the ramifications could be horrible. Their actions will reflect on you, so thorough and diligent research on your potential partner will determine the success of this endeavor.

Taking any actions towards starting or improving your online presence is certainly better than idly twiddling your thumbs. Streaming is the marketing opportunity of the future, one where there is limited space remaining. Keep that in mind, and get on with securing your space while you can. Direct communication is a natural evolution of human communication as we crave interaction.

Having a face to associate and connect with the brand makes all the difference and helps build a lasting relationship between you and your users. Streaming makes companies more human and changes the perception people have. We wish you all the best in your streaming endeavors and your business.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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