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How To Monitor Your FIFA 23 Connection

FIFA 23 has a built-in connection quality monitor function that uses three indicators to relay info about the quality of the connection.

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What You Need to Know About the FIFA 23 Connection Icons

This information is for FIFA 23 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. If you play the game on any of these platforms, you will notice some connection indicators. They tell you the state of the connection and, more importantly, if there is anything you can do to fix it. The purpose of the icons is to show how the connection affects your game experience when playing online games. If the connection indicator is yellow, there might be some issues that make your online experience worse. If the icon is red, there is a serious issue that affects your play. The indicators represent ping, packet loss, and jitter. Ping or latency measures how long it takes for data from your machine to reach the game data centers and back. The lower this measurement is the better. High ping means that you have latency issues. Packets contain game info. Packet loss measures the number of packets that are lost when sending data to and back between your machine and the game center. The Packet Loss indicator means that there is some packet loss that’s detrimental to your connection. Jitter measures the change of your ping over time. The Jitter icon means that the ping has a fluctuation that harms your experience. If you see one of these icons during a game, this means that the connection quality affects your play experience. If at least one of these icons permanently appears during the game, it means that the connection is not stable enough so you can enjoy playing. If the icons come and go during a game, it means that the connection is fluctuating. The connection monitor function is on by default. The icons that you see when playing matches give you info about the quality of the connection. If the monitor function detects serious issues, it also sends notifications to the user. Next time you will see these icons in the game, you know what they mean.

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