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How To Make Your Home A Pet-Friendly Place

If there’s one thing you should know for sure, it’s that it is entirely possible to design a house that is beautiful as well as pet-friendly.

A premium pet care salon in Wadi Al Safa, Sugar Paws, has compiled a list of some helpful tips that homeowners can use to prepare their homes for the wear and tear that comes with pet ownership. Read below for what they have to say to help you turn your home into a pet-paradise.

Choose pet-friendly furniture

When buying upholstered or slipcovered furniture, pick fabric that is stain-resistant. More than pet hair and dander, certain materials can also absorb unwanted scents and stains, making your Saturday night relaxation a terrible (and stinky) experience. Avoid velvet, silk, and tweed when buying furniture in a house with pets as these materials are prone to stains and scratches. Instead, choose furniture covered in faux leather, faux microfiber, and “outdoor” fabrics like Sunbrella.

Most furniture manufacturers will often specify which fabrics are stain-resistant. When choosing a couch, it’s also a good idea to steer clear of light tones because white or beige furniture is more likely to show stains.

Buy lidded trash cans

Does your dog often wind up in the garbage bin? Sugar Paws advises substituting your small wastebaskets for bins with lids unless you want tissues, old food, and other trash to be regularly strewn across your floor. Especially avoid having low-lying garbage cans in your pantry, kitchen, and bathrooms.

To avoid your pet from tipping over your garbage can, store it in a closed-off pantry or behind a kitchen cabinet.

Invest in window screens

Are you a cat parent? Sugar Paws strongly suggests putting window screens if you intend to open those windows throughout the summer. According to WebMD, hundreds of cats have died over the years as a result of “high-rise syndrome,” a recent occurrence when cats fall out of high-rise structures and two-story windows. Unfortunately, cats who are exposed to this incur serious injury or even death. As soon as you move into your new house, put screens on the upper windows to ensure the safety of your precious furball.

Avoid carpet flooring

You can forget about carpeting if you own a pet. Sadly, many carpeting materials aren’t strong enough to survive scratches and stains from animals. Carpets are also known for absorbing unpleasant smells. For these reasons, invest in ceramic or porcelain tile flooring, both of which are incredibly durable against stains and scratches. If you choose to have rugs in your home, try to look for ones that are washable and have “indoor/outdoor” materials listed on the label. Avoid using thickly woven sisal and jute rugs since both dogs and cats will surely wreck them by scratching them with their claws.

Put vitamins and prescription drugs in a safe place

The last thing you want is for your adorable pet to accidentally consume any of your vitamins or meds. These medications can be fatal to animals in many, if not most, cases. Make sure to put your medications and vitamins on the highest shelf, if you keep them in your kitchen pantry or bathroom. The same is true with some foods. Sadly, dogs can’t eat a lot of human foods. Everyday foods like grapes, chocolate, raisins, nuts, and avocados should be kept out of reach of dogs as they can be particularly toxic.

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Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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