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How to Maintain Your Sanity While Preparing to Move

Let’s face it, moving isn’t easy. Between the boxes, wrapping up the furniture, and making sure nothing gets left behind, there’s barely time to do anything else. But don’t worry, there are some steps you can take to help make moving a little easier. Check out our guide to learn more about staying sane while preparing to move. 

Give Yourself Time 

Instead of scrambling to get everything together at the last minute, you’ll save yourself and your mind a lot of trouble by getting a head start. 

You should try to give yourself a month to prepare for your move. In this window, you’ll have time to research moving companies and figure out logistics. This way you know that when the day comes, you can smoothly get your stuff from point A to point B. 

Create a Packing List 

In your month of prep, create a packing list for yourself. You should start with the things that you don’t use every day, and work your way up to having a travel bag for the weekend of the move. You can even align your packing list with a timeline. 

When you make your list, try to make things easier for yourself. If most of your clothes are in a dresser that you plan on bringing, leave them in there. You can also use tricks like keeping your hanging clothes on their hangers and packing them into garbage bags. That way, when you get into your new place, all you do is hang them up and take the bags off! Voila! All of your clothes are ready to go. 

During this time be sure to check out other resources like this ultimate moving guide for more tricks for your move.


The less stuff you have, the easier it will be to move. Moving is a great time to go through your home and get rid of clutter. It’s easy to accumulate stuff. Now is the time to go through the back of the closet and get rid of all of those extra things you didn’t even know you had. 

You can either trash it all or find local organizations to donate your items to. Not only will decluttering help the moving process, but it should give you some peace of mind and help you feel refreshed and ready to get to your new space. 

Make an “Important Things” Bag 

If there are items that you can’t go a day without or want to ensure don’t get lost, keep them in your important things bag. This will be the bag that you keep with you during your move. 

You should probably pack a couple of changes of clothes, toiletries, and other items you may bring if you were going on a weekend trip. You can also use this bag for important items like small family heirlooms or your child’s favorite toys. Give yourself the peace of mind that you have everything you can’t go without. 

Pack Smaller Boxes

When you’re preparing to move, you’ll probably be thinking about packing as much as you can to avoid too many trips. But carrying awkward heavy boxes is going to be a lot more difficult than smaller boxes. You want to make your move as easy as possible. So pack boxes that you can carry. This way you don’t have to worry about breaking anything that’s inside of them. Sure, it may be an extra trip or too, but trust us, your back will thank you. 

Prep to Transfer Services 

The last thing you want to happen the day you move into your new place is to hit the light switch and nothing happens. You’ll probably want to watch some tv while unpacking too so no internet won’t work either. Before your move, list out all of the services that you need to move to your new address. Take some time a couple of weeks before to call them and get your services transferred. This way, you’ll have a router ready to set up and you’ll know the lights will be shining when you get to your new place. 


Moving is stressful. But you don’t have to lose your mind during the moving process. With these tips and trips, you should be able to maintain your sanity while preparing to move. Good luck and enjoy your new home movers!

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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