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How to keep your sump pump well-maintained?

Every homeowner with a basement and backup sump pump will get worried if they do not work during the rain. Cleaning flooded water in the basement will annoy you. It will be a huge loss of money if you store some perishable goods in the basement. Thus, doing periodic self and paid maintenance work is the best to avoid such troubles and losses. Homeowners are advised to visit this website and know what the homeowners with sump pumps say.

Monthly Self-Testing

It is true that an ideal sump pump may not function if it is not tested for a long time. These are most common to find with homeowners who rarely use their basement floor. It is advisable to test monthly by pouring sufficient water and see if they are functioning automatically. If you have a backup sump pump, you must also see they are working when the sump pit is filled with water. Testing for half an hour is the best to see any faults in the pump, drain pipes and switches; if you find any noise that is not functional, it needs professional hand help.

Monthly Cleaning of the Sump Pit

If you reside on the basement floor, the chances of collecting dust and debris will occur in the sump pit. They can cause clogging in the sump pump pipes, and your sump pump will not work. Thus, cleaning the sump pump by checking with a torch light and seeing for dirts and dust is advisable. If you find some water, it is advisable to clean them as it can cause a bad smell to emit from the sump pump pit. If you have an open sump pump pit, it is advisable to close it with a right-sized lid such that no specks of dust and debris enter the sump pit. 

Cleaning House Drainage

Your sump pump flushes out the flooded water in the basement to the drainage system on the ground of your home. It must be free-flowing instead stagnated. It is advisable to clean them before the wet season starts in your region. The homeowners can do it themselves or call drainage service companies.

Checking for Plumbing Issues

It will be an internal basement plumbing issue if you find wet floors in the basement during the dry season. It will happen if you have bathrooms and toilets inside the basement floors. Even water can leak from the water heater pipes. Such leakages will cause double work for your sum pump during the rain. Homeowners are advised to hire a professional plumber and fix the pipe leakage problems. It will help if you can ask them to check your sump pump pies to see for clogged pipes, cracks and leakages.

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