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How To Keep Your Electric Scooter Work Like Brand New

Have you recently encountered any issues while riding your electric scooter? Even though you bought your scooter six months ago, you have the impression that its performance is slightly lower, and you can’t stop thinking about how it will perform a year from now. To keep your electric scooter in good working order, make sure it is properly maintained.

While electric scooters (e-scooters) do not have as many components as a vehicle, they do require routine maintenance. Electric scooter maintenance is essential for reducing the likelihood of major mechanical problems and increasing the bike’s efficiency.

Although electric scooters are a lot of fun, they are not cheap. They do not require much maintenance or upkeep, but they do require some attention. These 5 tips will help you maintain your electric scooter easily. You can keep your scooter running smoothly for years. You can extend the life of your electric scooter and its batteries with just a few minutes of your time. 

By ignoring care and maintenance, you expose your battery to breakdown or premature failure. Here’s how to maintain your electric scooter:


You can’t clean your scooter like you would your car because water and electricity don’t mix. Instead of hosing it down, carefully wipe dust and dirt off the bike with a damp rag and water. If there are stubborn areas of grime or insects, use an all-purpose cleaner to remove them. 

Overall, the goal is to clean the scooter without using too much water, while keeping moisture away from sensitive electronics and batteries.


Electric scooter maintenance includes lubricating all of the scooter’s working parts. To oil wheel and headset bearings, use WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lube or a comparable substance that contains PTFE. Spray a tiny bit on the parts, wipe off the excess, and be very careful not to get any of the product on the brake parts.

The folding mechanism and shock absorber need to be lubricated with the same caution. Keep in mind that WD-40 won’t work for lubricating scooter parts and that PTFE-containing products are required to avoid friction from damaging crucial elements of your ride.

Checking the Brakes

You must have working brakes in order to ride your e-scooter safely. Check the pads on your scooter’s disc brakes for wear and make sure the friction material is still present. The ability to stop quickly while driving can be significantly impacted by even minor wear and tear, so be sure to replace your brake pads whenever necessary to keep both you and other road users safe.

Battery Maintenance

Since batteries are typically the most expensive component of a scooter, regular maintenance and preventative care are necessary to avoid expensive replacement. In order to avoid overcharging or overheating, see your owner’s manual. If your scooter contains a lithium battery, make careful to keep it charged, as completely discharged lithium batteries cannot be repaired.

Maintain a minimal charge on your scooter. Lithium batteries get damaged and are unable to take a charge if they are discharged too much. When not in use, lithium batteries gradually lose power over time. They still self-discharge, though not as quickly as other battery chemistries. You should charge your scooter before storing it if you frequently run it until the battery dies.

Never leave a charging electric scooter unattended. It is not advisable to connect it to charge before leaving the house for a few hours and hoping for the best.

Batteries for scooters can be harmed by heat. If your scooter’s batteries are warm after you’ve finished riding, give them some time to cool off before charging.

Key Takeaway

Like anything with moving parts, it’s crucial to periodically check on your e-scooter to make sure it continues to function as the miles add up. A loss in electric range and unpredictable handling can be brought on by simple things like underinflated tires and a buildup of debris around the wheels and bearings.

You should be prepared to roll up your sleeves occasionally and perform a thorough cleaning as it gets dirty if you want to be a happy and pleased owner. It may sound easy, but since the cars are electronic, simply dowsing them with a pressure washer could fry the batteries or result in other harm.

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