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How To Install A Headboard To A Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are often used in small apartments or rooms where space is limited, and they’re excellent pieces of furniture to have if you need to make the most of your room’s vertical real estate. While murphy beds aren’t always sold with headboards, you can add one to your bed with a few simple tools and some common hardware store items. Here’s how to install a headboard to a murphy bed.

Installing A Headboard On Murphy Bed

Lay the fabric of the headboard across the top of the wall that your Murphy Bed is on. Take note of where the leg cuts are on your headboard, as these will be cut away in order for your Murphy Bed to open and close properly.

Cut away any excess fabric or metal (leave at least an inch above and below), then attach it onto your wall with drywall anchors and screws, keeping at least an inch between them.

Assemble two L-shaped brackets for each side of your Murphy Bed so that you can run screws through them into studs in your wall, pre-drilling pilot holes for both sides of each bracket before screwing them in place.

Take The Frame Apart

The first step in installing a headboard to your Murphy Bed is to take the frame apart. There are four screws that need to be removed from the metal frame. The two long screws will come out at the top on each side, and the two short screws will come out of the bottom left and right corners. Once these screws are removed, slide the frame from its hinges.

Put on some protective gloves before you get started removing all of the dowels because they will be coming off in groups of five as you separate them from one another.

Once that is done, use caution when pulling up on it because there may still be some unused dowels in place waiting for their turn at removal – so pull gently but steadily until all of them have been taken off and tossed away.

Measure the Frame

Draw a rectangle on top of your completed measurements, leaving at least one inch on each side around the outside and at least three inches between your rectangles vertically so there is space for wiring connections inside. Double-check that this will give you enough area above as well as below before continuing; sometimes murphy beds are taller than they are wide. Again, round off fractions if necessary.

Cut Wood

Murphy beds are extremely practical as you can raise or lower the bed depending on what you’re doing. The following is a guide for installation of an upholstered headboard onto a Murruh Murphy Bed, but the same process should work for other types of headboards. We strongly recommend taking measurements beforehand and selecting lumber that will be long enough (2) 2x4s and (1) 2×6 for the front and sides of the frame plus one 1/4 inch board for the back of the frame.

If installing an upholstered headboard onto your Murphy Bed, it is also necessary to make provisions in the wall such that it can attach securely.

Attach Headboard With Wood Screws

One person can do this, but it’s always easier if you have two people. First, attach the back panel of the headboard to the bed frame by putting screws in from the bottom of the panel and into the frame of the Murphy Bed. Put at least 2 screws on each side. Next, connect either end of the board with brackets screwed into place on each side of the bed frame. Now you’re done and it should look like this!


This post will show you how to install a headboard onto your Murphy Bed. Murph beds are one of the most popular pieces of furniture for college dorms, apartments, and other small living quarters where space is at a premium. The traditional way of installing wall beds was by cutting through drywall or removing and placing studs in their place.

If you want to keep your drywall intact while installing the bed, then this method is perfect for you! This guide covers an ideal installation process that won’t leave any permanent marks on your walls.

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