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How to Instagram Video Download?

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Many times, you might observe that some videos are good enough to watch on Instagram just once. Some creators buy Instagram post likes to increase engagement. But when you want to download any video to watch later, it might create some issues.

Undoubtedly, the safe option is available in the Instagram app, but it will not work if you want to watch any time without an internet connection. Downloading and sharing videos is good practice for appreciating content creators, but sometimes it is a little complex.

Luckily, there is the best option for you, and even there is also mentioned third-party app to download videos from your PC or mobile phone.

How to download Instagram videos from a phone?

Many users buy IGTV likes to rank up their profile and attract more users. Let’s start by saving IG videos on your mobile phone.

No matter, if you have an iPhone, Android, or other latest smart device, there are multiple ways to save IG videos. Once you get them, you can email or AirDrop your system.

For manual method

Screenshot of video is not possible, but a smartphone screen can record. So, go to the manual setting quickly, and add screen recording through a quick set on Android and iPhone. Swap your menu quickly, click record, and allow videos to play out.

For iPhone, a red bar on the top of the screen signifies your recording is in the process. However, it is entirely convenient, but there are a few tips to confirm the perfect capture.

Adjust own volume

Recording video manually means you will play entire things on your phone screen. Besides, you need to adjust your own volume before recording the video.

Avoid disturbing

No matter how you perfectly record your video, an unwanted pop-up is the worst thing that can occur at any time.

You will get an embarrassing message or any notification can create a hurdle in recording a video.

Therefore, to avoid such a disturbance, it is better to stick with the ‘Do not disturb ‘mode because it will not allow the notification.

Clip and crop

Thus, if you are recording a video for yourself or in a professional context, move ahead to crop the unwanted part of the video.

It is because it looks embarrassing when a user sees a screen recording or ends with the homepage.

Users are not interested in seeing unnecessary things like battery signs or other unnecessary carriers on their mobile.

After recording the video, do some editing work with your phone and crop extra elements so you have definite short of the right content.

Watch again and again

The recording could go wrong because of any cause. Therefore, watch it, again and again, to make sure flawless video is flawless video. Besides, you will ensure that you have recorded the correct video as you expected.

Through website

Some sites offer you a download option for Instagram videos on your mobile without any software.

Various sites allow download options, but you need to confirm for a legal one. There would be three dots on the right of the IG videos where you can save them.

Copy the specific link and then paste it to the required site. You can easily separate the video and then save it on your gadget.

There are the same guidelines for Safari on Android, and you can receive different results from different browsers or even different devices. Make sure for the pop-up ads because they are fake downloading links.

Trough app

If you don’t like screen recording or the website option, downloading through an app is the best option from the App store.

But remember, some apps are good enough than others to buy Instagram post likes. Luckily, there are a few best apps to download Instagram videos according to their ranks.

Incredible apps to download videos on Instagram

If you wish to access a third-party app, look at the options below. Remember, first confirm that you are happy to use a third-party app because of some securities issues that can affect your system. Read out all terms and conditions carefully before using them.


Undoubtedly, reposting is one of the best options for downloading the Instagram app every time.

It has a flexible user interface to buy Instagram post likes, and you can easily video or image from one profile to another. But first, you have to save video clips on your mobile device.

Repost is a high-ranked and best-running app because it allows the best user experience. But you are unable to get rid watermark unless you don’t buy a premium version. However, invest this app is good because you can use this source for others.


Reposter is ideal for Instagram because it is lightweight and offers users to download full-length videos without having watermark signs.

Besides, it has no paid option to make it less trustworthy and fewer updates. Similarly, many people have complained about its glitchy, and consists of various intrusive ads. But this app is functional if you wish to download IG videos.

Final verdict:

So, all options are good to use to download videos on Instagram. You can perhaps experience download difficulty because every method has its own pros and cons.

Besides, it also depends on IG videos, stories, and reels. Similarly, you can choose the screen recording feature for recording live videos.

Good luck!

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