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How To Improve The Performance Of Pogo Pins

The function of the Pogo Pin is connection, such as the head of the most common mobile phone charger and the contacts in the mobile phone charging port. These two parts have connectors, and the various interfaces in the car are also Pogo Pin connections—the device’s existence.

Introduction of Pogo Pin

A Pogo Pin is a precision connector used in all electronic equipment such as mobile phones, computers, automobiles, aviation, etc. It is widely used in semiconductor equipment, and its main function is to connect.

Depending on the product application, it has different appearances, but as a whole, there is a precise spring structure inside the Pogo Pin. The product’s surface is generally gold-plated or nickel-plated, according to different products. For example, Pogo Pin connectors are arranged from a single pin to dozens of single pins, forming different connector shapes in different products. When the product has more than one pin, a rubber sleeve is usually made of environmentally friendly plastic to fix the Pogo Pins. The rubber sleeve is generally black.

Who is Pomagtor

Founded in 2007, Pomagtor is a high-tech enterprise with precision connection as the leading factor and technology development as the core, integrating R&D, production, and sales. Our main products are Pogo Pin, Pogo Pin connector, magnetic connector, and magnetic charging data cable. Our products are widely used in smart wear, mobile communications, digital cameras, automobiles, medical equipment, and other fields.

Our technology research, development, and product innovation have always been ahead of market development. In addition to expanding the sales market in mainland and Taiwan, some products are exported to North America, Western Europe, South Korea, Japan, and other regions. Pomagtor’s goal: is to build a world-renowned brand and to create the largest and most professional magnetic connector manufacturing base in China.

In the new century, Pomagtor will take the revitalization of the Pogo Pin industry as its responsibility, establish the first brand in the magnetic connection industry as its goal, continue to take its down-to-earth attitude, take diligence as the paddle, and take wisdom as the rudder; continue to make every effort to serve new and old customers Provide high-quality products and perfect service.

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