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How to grow your Linkedin account and drive traffic

Linkedin is a powerful platform for connecting with industry professionals and potential customers. Let’s learn How to grow your Linkedin account and drive traffic.

If you’re looking to increase your visibility, build relationships, and maximize conversions on Linkedin, here are some tips:

1. Fill out your profile

Your profile should be complete and accurately reflect who you are and what you do. This gives potential followers a good sense of who they’re following.

Upload a clear headshot, write an engaging summary, showcase your work history, include testimonials if applicable.

Link to your personal website if available, and include skills related to your field/industry that demonstrate expertise in the area.

The more complete your profile is the more it will be perceived as credible which will attract potential followers.

2. Use relevant keywords

One way to make sure that people searching for terms related to your business or services can easily find you is through search optimization. This is one of the ways How to grow your Linkedin account and drive traffic.

Filling out fields on LinkedIn with keywords that will make you turn up in relevant search results.

To stay top-of-mind consider including keywords such as ‘expert’ or ‘consultant’ under titles and role summaries.

This makes sure that when people are in need of help with a certain problem they know exactly where to find someone qualified enough to take care of it.

3. Be active

Being consistently active on LinkedIn shows that you’re genuinely interested in the community which will help boost credibility for both present and future customers/clients.

Looking for solutions or advice from an expert source in the industry / sector you operate in.

Photos, videos and articles can all capture audience attention as well as posts about upcoming events or workshops you may be participating at throughout the year.

Enables you to begin building a professional network around those topics too – giving maximum exposure all round!

4. Build Connections & Engage Network

Don’t be afraid to extend connection requests beyond your immediate circle! It’s important to build connections outside of those existing connections so grow relationships with relevant contacts.

Not only is this great for businesses seeking new leads but reaching out also yields plenty opportunities like information exchange (for example: guest blogging)

Too plus allows potential customers know that they have found real people working behind the scenes at their desired establishment(s).

Following companies or influencers allows useful insights such as latest trends within industries or niche markets.

Can come from observing what these organizations post about regularly allowing maximum engagement Potential customers/clients have access time.

Making sure any company / brand isn’t lost in their newsfeeds during busy times by interacting hourly via comments.

Likes where appropriate – Replying timelyly often encourages feelings warmth due being seen quickly amongst other users networking away on their news feed so visibility increases!

Finally creating content centered around popular topics recently discussed always helps generate activity which engages more followers quickly too.

It pays off being ready when opportunity appears!

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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