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How to Get a Victory Royale in PUBG Mobile Using Lulubox

Have you ever been playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) and wondered why everyone else seems to win more matches than you? 

You may have noticed that others tend to have some unfair advantages over you, like enhanced visibility or greater damage with guns. 

If you’ve felt this way, don’t worry—you aren’t alone! If you haven’t heard of Lulubox apk yet, keep reading to discover how it could change your future in-game fortunes.

Download and install Lulubox

You can download and install the Lulubox apk on Android devices by visiting the website, clicking on Download, and following the instructions. 

Once you have successfully installed the apk, open it up by tapping on the icon. In the top right corner of your screen, there will be an icon that looks like a black box with yellow lettering saying PUSH TO DOWNLOAD. 

Click this icon and select PUBG MOBILE from the list. Follow the prompts to log into your account or sign up for a new one. Open PUBG MOBILE for Lulubox to work properly. 

Click SHOW ADDS IN-GAME after downloading the LULUBOX patch and watching the advertisements to get FREE GEMS!

Open Lulubox And Select Pubg Mobile

Open Lulubox and select ‍PUBG MOBILE. Click the link on the top right that says Pubg mobile. You will be taken to the app store page for ‍PUBG MOBILE. Tap GET from the bottom of your screen, and it will automatically download onto your device. 

Once you have finished downloading, tap OPEN from your list of downloaded apps, and it will open up an entirely new game inside ‍PUBG MOBILE. Type  (right). Hit SAVE once you’ve completed this step before starting a match.

Try Out Other Features Of Lulubox For Pubg Mobile

Lulubox has plenty of features that can help you get that coveted victory royale. The first one is the ability to slow down time. This feature is extremely useful for those close-call moments where you are about to get eliminated but barely escape by running or shooting your opponent. 

Slowing down time can give you the precious seconds needed to guarantee your survival and come out on top! Another great feature of lulu box is being able to teleport around the map without being vulnerable. 

Once again, this is perfect for those close-call situations where death is inevitable. You can set up a safe spot and wait until someone else enters the area, so they have an easy target. When they start firing at you, immediately teleport to another safe place while your enemy gets killed by the other player! 

You should also be aware of enemy players’ locations, thanks to Lulubox’s Tracker Mode.

Enable High Fps And Anti-Aliasing

To get more FPS, set your graphics settings to high and disable Antialiasing. Antialiasing can be turned off by going into the graphics options. You may need to restart the game for this change to take effect. 

For Android, go to Settings -> Display -> Graphics -> and tap on High FPS. For iOS, go to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Graphics and tap Best Performance. 

How do you disable Antialiasing? In Android and iOS versions of the game, go to Settings -> Display -> Graphics and uncheck Antialiasing. On iOS only, also check Best Performance or Low Quality if needed.

Enter A Match And Start Playing

Everyone knows that there is no better feeling than getting a victory royale. One way to increase your chances of getting one is by using Lulubox! What is this app? It’s an app that you can use while playing PUBG mobile, and it helps you track enemies and teammates, but more importantly, it will allow you to see them before they see you.

This will give you the upper hand and make it easier for you to get the victory royale. In addition to seeing players from farther away, Lulubox also has a cool feature that displays their health. You can then choose if you want to shoot or let them pass so you can reload your gun and take them out later when they’re in less health or have much less gear. 

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