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How to Fix the iPhone ‘Last line no longer available’ Error?

If you are facing the issue of the last line no longer available error message then we will like to tell the users that they are at the right place to get the information that they need about the last line not being available. Here are the steps which the users need to follow if they need to follow to fix the problem you are dealing with. 

Ways to Fix iPhone Last Line no Longer Available – 

  1. Updating the Phone Software 

Updates are meant to fix the bugs and errors which are occurring on your device or with the app. It is possible that the users haven’t updated the software of their device for a long, so it is important for the users to keep it updated and use the latest version they are using on their device. 

  1. Reinserting the SIM card

To fix the last line no longer available on iPhone 13 the users need to pull out the SIM card they have inserted on their device and then insert the SIM card again into the device properly. It is possible that is way might fix the issues you are dealing with. 

  1. Clearing Call Log 

The users need to visit the option of recent calls and then from there, they need to use the clear button. After hitting on the clear button the users will have to press clear all to remove all the history of the call log from their device. 

  1. Rebooting your Device 

Another way to fix iPhone’s last line no longer available is that the users have to reboot the device which they are using, rebooting the device might be able to fix the technical glitches or technical errors which are being faced by the users. And this is a way that has been effective in fixing all kinds of problems on a device.

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