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How to Fix Linksys Velop Red Light Issue?

Do you have a Linksys Velop and all you see is a steady stream of red light? Is this causing a slowdown on your device despite a successful Linksys Velop setup? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, you’ll be glad to learn that we know how to assist you to resolve the issue. If the Linksys Velop light is red, keep reading for advice on how to fix the problem.

Steps to fix the Linksys Velop Red Light Problem

  1. Restart the Linksys Velop Router

There might be a number of solutions to the red light on the Linksys Velop. Before resorting to more complex troubleshooting tricks, you should try restarting your device. Don’t let us stop you from attempting the more sophisticated options if the red light issue remains after you’ve reset your device.

Here’s how to restart your Linksys Velop:

  • To preserve your Velop’s battery life, you should remove it from its charging port.
  • As of right now, you’ll have to hold tight.
  • Run the gadget off of the power cable and switch it on.

Does the red light on the Linksys Velop continue to be a problem if you reset the device? Put the brakes on the mental breakdown just yet. There’s still a chance that the instructions provided below will be useful.

Linksys Velop Setup

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  1. Perform Velop Firmware Upgrade

The red light on the Linksys Velop may also be resolved by entering the Linksys Velop login website and performing a firmware upgrade. You may easily update your Velop device using the Linksys router login credentials by following these instructions:

  • Connect your range Velop to your router or switch through an Ethernet wire.
  • Launch a web browser to access your Linksys Velop account.
  • Your device’s administrative credentials will allow you to do this.
  • After you see the Velop setup screen, you may go ahead and adjust certain settings.
  • The Administration menu is where you’ll find the option to do a Firmware Update.
  • If you come across it, click it.

After updating the firmware, make sure the red light problem with your Linksys Velop has been resolved. Have we lost contact with it, or is it still around? You clearly need to conduct some more research.

  1. Bring Your Networking Closer

It’s possible that the distance between your devices is too great if your Linksys Velop is still flashing red. You need to put the Velop right close to the modem. It is also suggested that an Ethernet connection be used instead of a wireless one.

  1. Ping Your ISP

It is safe to assume that your internet connection is moving at a glacial pace if the LED indicator is still blinking red. If you own a Linksys Velop, it’s imperative that you maintain a constant connection. If you want to err on the side of caution, you should probably call your internet service provider. If the issue seems to have originated from his end, you should ask that he take swift action to fix it.

  1. Reconfigure Your Velop Device

If the red light on Linksys Velop is still bothering you, it’s likely due of improper configuration. Restoring the device to its factory settings may solve the issue. Either the Manual procedure or the Linksys software will do the job.

After going through all these troubleshooting steps, you should double-check to see whether the red light on your Linksys Velop has been resolved. Remember, you need to reconfigure your device before that. Want to know how to setup Linksys Velop? Refer to the user manual.

Summing Up

Verify that the red light on the Linksys Velop has been resolved after the reset procedure. Your Linksys Velop red light problem has been resolved. If that’s the case, please accept our sincere congrats.

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