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How to Find & Activate Webroot Keycode in easy steps?

Webroot is a famous antivirus program available for PCs and phone devices. This security program has various plans depending on OS and features. You can easily find a good Webroot program for your device. This antivirus also provides a 14-days free trial service. You can use the premium tools of Webroot for free and check which security plan is best for your device. This program offers various device and data security tools. You can easily activate the antivirus program and secure the device from all threats.

Get the setup and activate your Webroot subscription from CD

You can use Webroot antivirus CD to get your program. CD download is a better option when you don’t have an internet connection. But you can only use a CD when your device has a disc drive. Nowadays, not many devices have disc drives. If you have a disc drive then insert the CD and copy the setup. Now run the setup and it will start installing on the device. Now check the subscription card of your antivirus. You will see an activation pin. While installing the setup, you will enter the activation code screen. Enter the code carefully and recheck it before pressing Confirm. Wait until it shows activated status. Now open the Webroot dashboard and run the full system scan.

Activating Webroot keycode with no disc drive

You can activate your Webroot antivirus even if you don’t have a disc drive. If you get a Webroot CD but your device doesn’t have a disc drive then check for an internet connection. You can easily install the setup from the web and then activate your Webroot.

  1. Check your webroot keycard 
  2. You will see a webroot address
  3. Type the address on the search engine and the Webroot page will appear
  4. You will see a download button
  5. Download the setup for your OS 
  6. Now open the downloads page and click on Webroot setup
  7. Run the setup and it will ask for a permission
  8. Click on Allow button
  9. Webroot setup will start installing on the system
  10. Now you will get an activation window
  11. Type the install webroot with keycode on the window and tap on Activate button
  12. Wait for a while until the Activated status appears

Restart the PC to apply new changes and then click on the Webroot icon from the desktop. Click on the scan option and run a full system scan on the device.

Download and activate Webroot setup from the web

You can download and use Webroot antivirus on any device. Installing Webroot setup is very easy but your device must be connected to a reliable internet source. Webroot has paid plans hence you have to purchase the setup.

  1. Open a web browser and visit the Webroot website
  2. Go to For Home/ For Business
  3. Check the products and select a plan
  4. Read about the features and tools 
  5. Tap on the Buy Now button
  6. The shopping cart page will appear
  7. Enter the billing details and ensure to add a correct email address 
  8. Hit on Buy Now button and do not press any button until Confirm message appears on the screen
  9. Open the registered email address
  10. You will get a link on the registered mail

Click on the link and Webroot setup will start installing. After completing the installation process, restart the device and check for the Webroot icon on the desktop. Click on the icon and the Webroot dashboard will appear. Check the tools and run a malware scan. 

How to use Webroot free trial?

Webroot antivirus also provides a 14-days free trial plan. You can use the free trial plan without entering any banking details. Using a free trial you can check whether Webroot antivirus is helpful for device security or not. You can run the Webroot free trial for 14 days. If you like the features of Webroot antivirus and want to continue the service then purchase the plan. In case you don’t want to purchase the plan then you don’t have to do anything as the plan will automatically stop working after 14 days. 

How to renew the Webroot antivirus program?

Webroot has yearly subscription plans, you can purchase the subscription and use the tools for a year. After that then the subscription expires and you need to renew it. 

Steps to renew Webroot antivirus:

Open the webroot dashboard and click on Profile

  1. Click on the subscription page
  2. You will be redirected to webroot page
  3. Go to the subscription page and check for the plan
  4. You will see the Expired status 
  5. Click on Renew button next to the expired status
  6. The webroot renewal page will appear
  7. Enter the billing details and tap on Renew button
  8. Don’t refresh the page until the Complete message appears

After renewal, your Webroot antivirus program will start working. Webroot also has an auto-renewal feature. If you want to use Webroot for a long time then you can enable the auto-renewal feature.  

Common issues with Webroot antivirus

Unable to install Webroot

Some users reported that they are facing issues in installing Webroot antivirus. The problem mainly appears when the user is trying to install an incompatible Webroot setup. Every Webroot program has a different setup for different OS. You can’t use Webroot for iOS on Windows. Users often get this problem while transferring the setup. You can only transfer the setup to the same platform. If you need a Webroot for a different OS device then you have to purchase it.

The Webroot scanner is not working

You should check for the Webroot update. Your antivirus scanner requires regular updates to maintain the virus chart. If the virus chart is not updated then your antivirus can’t detect new viruses. Open the Apps folder and click on Webroot. Hit the update button and wait until the Webroot program updates. Restart the antivirus and now check for scanning issues. 

Webroot antivirus is not responding

When your antivirus shows responding issues then you should check for free RAM. Antivirus can show issues when the free RAM on your device is very low. Due to this, your device only allows free system software to run. Remove unnecessary programs running in the background and then try to run your antivirus. If the error is occurring due to missing program files then you should reinstall the setup.

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