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How To Do Social Media Audit in 7 Simple Steps

The Seven Well-Crafted Steps to Scrutinize Your Social Media Presence

  1. Jot down all your accounts

As a first step, search out your company’s name on google or other search engines. This way, you can even find many fake or unofficial accounts. Hence, make sure that you get them blocked.

Next, make a list of already-enabled accounts where you are regularly active. Brainstorm for your long-lost accounts; no problem if you just have a handful of YouTube subscribers or a few hundred followers on Instagram accounts. Consider each of them for absolute auditing.

You must utilize your potential and look around for not-so-popular platforms, unlike Facebook, which has huge traffic, like Pinterest, Quora, etc. Make sure you create a checklist of essential elements in it, such as URL, number of fans, latest activity, etc. You should use integration software to manage all your accounts in one place for your convenience.

2. Hunt and Eliminate the Inconsistencies

Once you are done with the easiest step and, yes, the most obvious step. Now you need to dig deeper. Thoroughly give an in-depth look at each of them. Make them uniform in terms of the details provided or the imagery used. For instance, every account must have the same logos, not outdated ones. They must have similar contact details, hashtags, website addresses, etc.

This usually helps in building trust and producing loyal customers. Also, it is necessary to complete the profiles. Incomplete profiles give rise to suspicion, which is why it’s recommendable to do so. To carry out an efficient audit, social media marketing agency in Ireland can be searched, and inspiration can be acquired to get a better idea.

3. Target Audience Scrutiny

Now here comes the action part. All of us are well aware of the fact that the choices of the elderly are far different from youngsters. Even there is a diversity in the preferences of different genders of the same age group.

Therefore you need to hunt down your audience and make them fall into their respective age group. This will surely help your brand for each group in particular. You can regard it as better productivity, an improved scheme, and sound business sense.

Furthermore, you can polish and enhance your marketing strategies by using convenient analytics tools. They will surprisingly give you accurate results concerning the reactions and comments of your audience. In this way, you can finely make estimations about your sales and success.

4. Present Outcomes

It is a dire necessity to yet effectively present the goals, findings, and results after your audit. You need to evaluate the correct form in which you will show the data. Make sure that the most concerning and relevant people go through it to make better future decisions.

The forms can be comprehensive presentations clearly showing all the required data for better grasp, estimations, and conclusions.

5. Develop Auditing Habit

You must bear in mind that frequent audits are extremely powerful. With time, the expected results of regular audits come up. In an ever-changing technological world, having a competitive age will take you on cloud nine. How? The short answer is by boosting sales of your business and ever-spreading publicity.

Tracking the metrics and identifying your position are two essential aspects. In this way, your marketing plans will keep on upgrading yet will remain relevant. Even the instant prospects of success lie here. Therefore developing such a useful habit is recommended. Although audits are performed every quarter monthly basis can do wonders. Therefore you hold an SEO Agency Ireland or a garment business, the frequency of auditing is necessary if you want to keep up on social media.

6. Be In The Competition

It is advisable yet beneficial to know how your contenders are doing. This can persuade you to improve and re-polishing your strategies and goals. You can also gain ideas in connecting and remarkably serving your audience. The key here is observation. You can innovate your ideas for much more attractive content by following their techniques, connectivity methods, posts, and tones. For instance, you can keep track of why some of the posts are top performers. What catchy things do they have to stimulate the audience’s interest? And what next can be done to produce even greater outcomes?

7. Adopt Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is powerful as it points out the lacking and shortcomings. An efficient auditor must possess this skill to bring about advantages to the organization. This trait will make your profile stand out. Ever thought about why Apple Inc. stands out? It is suggested to go through various audit techniques and keep upgrading them as well to come to resourceful conclusions.


Irrespective of what kind of a business you or your client are running, the area of concern is that if it has a social media presence, its audit becomes obligatory. You can refer to it as a tool for assessing your success across the internet. It will give you insight into how to improve yourself and how to dodge your competitors from grabbing an opportunity.

So, the next time you get your knickers in a twist regarding the audit, it is better to settle down by realizing the myriads of benefits it possesses. Give your nerves a rest and work toward the betterment of your company with regular audits.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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