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How to Develop an App Without Coding Knowledge?

How to Develop an App Without Coding Knowledge?

The mobile app industry is growing at a faster pace and it is expected that mobile apps generate more than  $935 billion revenue by 2023. People all around the globe are using smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices which is significantly increasing the popularity of mobile app usage. A large number of businesses have launched their mobile apps to improve the customer experience and earn more profits.

Many startups and small businesses are also investing in the mobile app development process to get a fully featured mobile app for their brand and deliver exceptional customer experiences. If you are one of those entrepreneurs or aspiring business owners who are thinking of developing your business app but have no programming knowledge. Don’t worry!

Fortunately, there are some amazing ways to develop an app without coding knowledge. Yes, you have read it right Now, non-techs can also build a mobile app for their business. If you are wondering how, here are some amazing strategies to build an app without coding knowledge.

Hire Mobile App Developers

Hiring a mobile app development Dubai team is a sensible approach to getting a business app. You can hire a team of professionals to discuss your app idea and mobile app development cost before starting the project. If you have no prior coding knowledge, your mobile app development team will guide you on how to transform a complex mobile app idea into reality. Building a dynamic mobile application will become easier when your app developer team uses different widgets and the latest development technologies.

Do Your Research

Before starting a mobile app development project, it is important to do in-depth research. From identifying the goal of your app to discovering the latest app development technologies, and understanding your target audience to monetization options, there is a long list of goals your app design and development team should understand. You can also search for the latest industry trends and collect relevant market data to make your app a big hit.

Identify Your Competitors

It is important to thoroughly analyze your competitors before starting your app development project. Don’t invest your efforts in an app idea that is already existing. Keep in mind that there are thousands of apps available on the app store that are offering similar services or products. Therefore, create a unique app to solve your target audience’s problems. Try to create some unique features and functionalities to make your app different from other apps.

Determine Who is Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is one of the most important steps in a successful mobile app development process. When you know your target audience, you can better create an app that solves their problems and fulfill their needs. Thankfully, there are many effective ways to identify your target audience.

For example, you can conduct online surveys to identify the interests, likes, needs, and problems of your target audience. Identifying the target audience who have an interest in your products and services and promoting your app to the specific audience will help you get more downloads.

Define Your App Budget

Knowing mobile app development cost is one of the most important things for your app development process. Your app development budget depends on a number of factors such as the platform you use for app development, the number of complex features, the in-house app development team or freelancers, marketing methods, and third-party integrations – to name a few.

App Design Process

Once you complete the research process, it’s time to start designing your app. Creating a wireframe for your mobile app will make the design and development process easier and faster. There are different prototyping and wireframing tools available for designers that can help them create an amazing user interface design. Here are some wireframing and prototyping tools for mobile apps:

·         Proto.io

·         UXPin

·         WireFrame

·         Balsamiq

·         Mockflow

·         InVision

·         Fluid UI

·         JustinMind

App Development Requirements

Discuss your app development requirements with your team of app developers. Clearly describe to the team what problems you want to solve with your mobile app. You can go for custom app development or hire freelancers, depending on your budget, development timeline, and the type of app you need for your business.

For many business owners, custom app development is the right option as a team of the professional mobile app development team can better understand your unique functionality requirements. However, some entrepreneurs are comfortable with design studios and freelancers to complete their app development projects. 

Use App Development Tools

The mobile app development industry is experiencing many technological advancements and the evolution of app development tools is one of the biggest advancements in the industry. Those with a non-technical background, no coding knowledge, and programming experience can use these app-building platforms for developing an app.

Using app builders is the easiest and fastest app development solution, especially if you have a low budget. Whether you are a small business owner, e-commerce store owner, restaurant business, or entrepreneur, you can also make the most out of no-code solutions to build a mobile app faster.

Here is a list of some app development tools that require no technical expertise or coding knowledge.

·         Andromo

·         AppsGeyser

·         AppMakr

·         Bubble

·         Appy Pie

·         Appery

·         Swiftic

App Testing before the Launch 

Once you develop your app, it’s time to test your app on different mobile devices to make sure it works well. If it is bug-free and performs perfectly, it is the right time to launch your app in the app store. Carefully check app store regulations, write a meta description, and create screenshots, and relevant videos before publishing your app.  

Concluding Thoughts

If you want to stay competitive in the business industry, you need to invest in a mobile app. Small businesses, startups, and even non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs can invest in the mobile app development process and get a functional app. Hopefully, these easy tips will help you build a better app that will help your business thrive and grow. 

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