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How To Choose The Best White CPU Cooler? A Complete Guide

If you’re looking to purchase a new white CPU cooler, then you probably have a couple of different things you’re trying to accomplish. You need to make sure you pick the right cooler for your computer, but you also need to keep an eye out for some of the most important features.


The Asus ROG Strix LC 360 RGB is a well-executed all in one liquid CPU cooler that packs a punch. Featuring three 120mm fans, a 380mm rubber sleeve and a copper plate, this coolant marvel is the stuff of dreams for a CPU enthusiast. Featuring a micro-channel pump design and a secure mounting system, this high-end cooling accessory will keep your CPU cool no matter the climax of your gaming session. Touted as the most sophisticated water cooling solution in the market, it comes bundled with thermal paste and a sleeve to boot.

Aside from its slick cooling performance, the ROG Strix LC 360 RGB also boasts a slew of features. This all-in-one water cooler is packed with high-tech goodies including a 380mm rubber sleeve, a four-pin PWM pump and a gimmick-free mounting system. The aforementioned sleeve is designed to dissipate heat away from your CPU, allowing you to focus your energy on the aforementioned nitty gritty. On top of its cooling capabilities, the kit also has an eye-catching RGB lighting display that adds a touch of class to the otherwise understated build.

Arctic Freezer 34

Arctic Freezer 34 is a tower cooler that is optimized for heat dissipation. The heatsink has a dense bundle of 54 aluminum fins that are 0.4mm thick and are connected by four copper heatpipes. The design also incorporates a thermally conductive MX-4 thermal paste. This ensures that the heatsink is optimized for best cooling results.

The cooler’s base has two mounting holes. One is on each side of the base, while the other is located near the bottom. The two fans are mounted with spring clip mounts. These are piggybacked together, simplifying fan RPM management.

The fan comes pre-installed. The cooler’s base is 36x30mm. The BioniX P120 fans have a black frame and yellow center rings. The blades are black. The ARCTIC brand logo is printed in silver. The fan’s blades have a push-pull configuration, which improves airflow.

Thermalright AXP90 X47

The Thermalright AXP90 X47 white is a low profile marvel. The most important part of this low profile cooler is the TL-9015W slim fan. This fan is capable of cooling both the heatsink and your motherboard components. This is an ideal solution for mini ITX builds.

The AXP-90 has a few tricks up its sleeve. For example, it has a combined Intel/AMD mounting bracket. This makes it compatible with both types of motherboards. Its small size also means it can be used in a wide variety of cases. This cooler is also a great fit for the modern PC enthusiast with a modest budget.


Noctua is a name synonymous with quality products and customer service. For years the company has offered the best in CPU coolers. Now the manufacturer is allowing you to personalize your cooling experience with the Noctua white CPU cooler. Using Noctua’s chromax line of accessories you can customize your air cooler without compromising performance.

The company is known for its signature quiet cooling. In addition to the Noctua iPPC fans, they’ve also introduced a line of anti-vibration rubber pads for their Redux series fans. The chromax line of heatsink covers are also worth a second look, and they’re easy to install. These covers are made of aluminum, with scratch-resistant powder coating. They feature a design that allows you to increase your cooler’s height by up to 5mm without having to remove your fan.

Corsair H60

Corsair’s new Hydro Series H60 has improved cooling capabilities and a new cooling block design. It is a low-noise CPU liquid cooler that offers a high-density slim-radiator with precise PWM control and a thermally-optimized cold plate. Its fan incorporates custom-engineered blades that reduce noise while increasing cooling. Its 120mm fan provides better heat dissipation and offers dynamic speed adjustment.

The Hydro Series H60 features a 120mm radiator, an improved cold plate and a white LED-lit pump head. Its pump is equipped with a 3-pin RPM feedback cable. It also comes with Intel 115X studs and AMD pump mounting brackets.

The Corsair H60 white CPU cooler is available at a reasonable price. For $70, you can get a solid 120mm AIO. In addition, the cooler includes a single SP series fan, two hoses, and a mounting bracket.

If you’re in the market for the latest white CPU cooler and you have several various things you want to achieve. It is essential that you select the best cooler for your system, if I share my experience then I suggest you worldpctech.

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