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How To Choose A Hot Water System That Works For You

Things to think about when selecting the right high-temperature water heater.

  • Type of fuel required – electric, gas, or solar
  • System size
  • Expenses for running.

Solar, Gas, or Electric?

Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters

A Heat-pump Hot Water System makes use of heat from the surrounding air to heat the water stored in a tank. 

A heat-pump electric Hot Water System consumes less energy as compared to an electric water heater and is among one of the best hot water heaters that are available. 

They can also provide environmental and economic benefits. If your home is equipped with a solar PV system that generates more electricity than the family’s daily demand. 

This is because the heat-pump Hot Water System can boost self-consumption from onsite solar energy.

Solar Hot Water Systems For Solar

A Solar Hot Water System is more costly to purchase and set up, but its running expenses can be considerably lower. 

This system can be enhanced by electricity or gas. In Victoria, the solar water systems are dependent on their booster system, especially in winter. 

Solar water systems don’t generate electricity and require roof space, which can reduce the amount of space that is available for Solar PV units.

Hot Water Systems For Gas

High-efficiency Gas Hot Water Systems are typically considered the most cost-effective kind of water heater powered by natural gas. 

The recent advancements in technology for heat pumps have meant that this isn’t the scenario. 

If you own a traditional electric or gas hot water system that requires replacement. It is worth considering using a water heater with a heat pump instead of the more efficient solar or gas Hot Water System.

Hot Water Heaters With Electric Power

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems are the most popular model in Victoria, heat water by using an element at the lower part of the unit. 

Then, they keep it in an insulated tank that is ready to use during the day. The electric hot water system is the least expensive to purchase, but the most expensive to operate. 

If you already have an electric hot water heater, you may want to take benefit of incentive programs offered by the government. And that allows you to upgrade to more efficient heat pump alternatives.

Operating Costs

The kind the hot water heater that you have will make a significant difference to your monthly energy costs. So it is important to compare the running cost

How To Determine The Size Of Your Water Heater

A heater for storage that is too small will constantly be running out of hot water. And one that’s too big will be more expensive to operate because it will keep the temperature of water even when not utilized.

In the same way, an ongoing flow system that’s too small might have a hard time keeping pace with your demands. For hot water when several hot water sources are utilized simultaneously. 

The water heater provider can help in selecting the appropriate size system.

  • Hot water heaters for storage are sized in accordance with the size of a household. The larger the household you have, the bigger your storage tank must be.
  • Continuous flow systems or instantaneous ones are designed to be sized based on the number of outlets for hot water located in the house, not the number of persons.
  • Solar Hot Water Systems are sized based on the number of people who live in the household. The greater the number of people in the household. The bigger the storage tank, and also the higher the number of solar collectors that are required.

Replace Your Hot Water Heater

If you have a gas or electric hot water heater, the best choice is to upgrade it to a heat-pump hot water heater instead of replacing it like-for-like. 

There are incentives offered by the government for upgrading to higher efficiency and efficient heat-pump hot water heater.

Final Words

These are some of the factors that you should forward to when considering installing a water heater.

It is always better to hire professionals for suggesting and installing a Hot Water System to fulfill your hot water requirements.

Contact us at Hot Water System for expert guidance and professional help in repairing, installing, and replacing your Hot Water System.

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