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Since many of us are wondering where to buy P90X without getting ripped off, I wanted to create this article to warn you and help you make the right decision. The last thing ANYONE wants when purchasing the P90X is incomplete packaging, counterfeit DVDs, or other high quality fake money issues that can prevent the P90X Training System from being used properly.

Remember, the P90X Training System IS NOT SOLD IN STORES. If it’s on the shelf at your local store, it’s almost certainly a fake!

You will find how to avoid the following if you want to buy P90X.

  • Received an incomplete package
  • Receiving counterfeit DVDs
  • waste of time and money
  • get ripped off

As many of us see, there are a million and one different retailers offering incredible discount prices for P90X purchases. While some may be real, it’s VERY hard to tell who is and who isn’t. When it comes to shopping for your health and fitness, you and I both know that you want things to run smoothly.

You don’t want to buy P90X from a third party only to find you’ve been ripped off – you’re throwing that money away too. You see, you may think that you are “saving”, but in reality you are doing anything but.

So if you’re buying P90X, the only and true source is the official Team Beachbody site. This is the only way you can be absolutely sure that you are receiving the official P90X training system. Period.

I am telling you this to help you avoid making the wrong decision if you think you will save money. They can be ripped off very easily and waste a lot of valuable time and money.

Plus, when you buy P90X from the Official Beachbody Store, you know it’s 100%. You know you will receive everything in its entirety.

Not to mention:

  • 100% money back guarantee for 90 full days
  • 100% reputable nutrition guide and fitness brochure
  • Have your personal Beachbody Coach assigned to you
  • Get a tracking number

And finally, you get peace of mind.

Now I’m not saying that every single third party trying to sell fake P90X training is fake. Some providers are legitimate and some places offer full but used copies of the P90X training.

Fake Coins: A good reason to buy from a reputable seller

Counterfeit coins have been around for as long as coins have been in circulation. Along with currency comes greed (and it doesn’t matter whether regular currency is circulating in our daily lives or collecting numismatic coins) – when it comes to financial gain, there will be people who will try to get it at any cost to get.

Buying numismatic coins over the internet from online auction sites (like eBay) and independent sellers has made it almost impossible for buyers to know exactly what they are getting at the time of purchase. Most of the time, the buyer only has an image and doesn’t know the true reputation of the seller or the company they are dealing with. Trust is placed in these unknowns and because of this, counterfeit coins seem to be rampant.

Warning citizens about these coins with the following words:

The majority of counterfeit coins pouring into the United States come from China. The US Mint issued a consumer advisory in November 2009 warning citizens about these coins, stating “These counterfeit coins pose an unusually dangerous threat as many of them are made using high technology.” In addition, five numismatic organizations (The American Numismatic Association, Industry Council for Tangible Assets, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, Professional Coin Grading Service and Professional Numismatists Guild) have joined forces to issue this warning: “The counterfeit coins manufactured in China play an important role financial threat to unsuspecting consumers. We believe the high quality fake money public is spending millions of dollars on counterfeit US coins for sale at online auctions and offline at venues such as flea markets and swap meets.”

The first rule of thumb, of course, would be to only buy from a company you trust. Knowing what you are looking to buy and having certain coin knowledge (e.g. weight and size) combined with the seller’s reputation can give you an advantage when buying online and avoid receiving counterfeit coins. If you’ve never looked into the online business you’re potentially buying from, do your research. Do your own due diligence before parting with your money.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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