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How to Build an Effective Brand Awareness Campaign

Do you prefer to buy products from a brand which do not have much reputation in the market?

– You will probably answer “no”.

Now, answer one more question – do you buy any service or product if the brand does not have a reputation in the market even if they are offering products at a low cost?

– Again you will probably answer “no”. In reality, brand reputation is more important to consumers than the price of a product.

·         In today’s capitalist market there are various excellent examples that showcase what specific growth potential a company can accomplish if they have a good brand reputation?

·          For example: producing an iPhone almost cost less than $510 to Apple.Inc. However, Apple sells their product globally at a huge margin. The reason behind generating huge margins through extensive sales is entirely based on the brand reputation and awareness among the consumers related to the brand.

Brand awareness is the central factor for the success of your business. For accomplishing your project goals, it is important that your business should have a good reputation in the audience’s mind.

Brand awareness strategies that incorporate the potential to generate high results:

#1: Run different social media posts:

Figure: Example of the social media campaign

To increase brand awareness, you can run different social media posts to engage with your targeted audience. However, you need to make sure that your social media campaigns should be highly engaging.

For example: you can create these types of social media campaigns such as:

A – Knix’s Community-building Campaign.

B – Play Digital’s Engaging Bathtub Challenge.

C – Spotify’s Data Storytelling.

You can design different social media campaigns to effectively target your audiences.

●       For designing social media campaigns, you need to adopt a creative mindset.

●       You can take ideas from the different social media-based campaigns that are running online. You need to make sure that your idea should not copied from anywhere. If your idea will be copied then it can create copyright issues.

#2: Hire any social media influencer:

You can hire a social media influencer who can regularly post different posts or reels towards your brand. For example: to create brand awareness about your products – you can hire these influencers such as: “Anjali Arora”, “Jannat Zubair Rahmani”, “Karron S Dhingrra”, etc.

Important information:

  1. Before selecting any influencer you are required to conduct extensive results to analyze whether your influencer will suit your brand’s image or not?
  2. An average Indian influencer charges Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000 per post.

Although, you need to make sure that your selected social media influencers are posting about your brand on a regular basis.

Important disclaimer:

·         If your selected influencer had been involved in any controversy or in any negative news then it can negatively impact your brand’s reputation.

·         So, make sure that you select influencers carefully because it can directly impact your brand’s reputation.

#3: Running a referral-based program

You can run different referral-based programs for creating awareness about your program among the targeted audience.

·         For example: if you sell clothes on your website then you can start a program in which consumers will who will sign-up with the referral code of their friends will get Rs.500 off.

·         In this way, you will be able to create many consumers for your brand in an effective way.

Important information:

·         In reality, many Indian people try to refer to themselves. For example: suppose “X” have 2 mobile numbers and “X” likes a product on your website. “X” sees that your website is offering Rs.500 discount on referrals. In reality, “X” sends his referral code to himself instead of referring to any other person.

·         In the above example, the program of referral marketing is only successful when “x” recommend to “Y” the discount benefits.

To add a referral scheme to your website – you can connect with any website development company in Jaipur.

#4: Offer a freebie:

Every customer feels good when he/she gets a freebie. So, you can offer freebies to your customers in order to increase customer engagement.

·         Although, offering a freebie will cost you Rs.100 to Rs. 200. Now, you may be thinking that it will increase your per-unit customer engagement cost.

·         Yes, it will increase your per-unit cost but this method will help you to bring more customers to your brand.

Important information:

·         Offering a freebie to the customers will be able to attract your customers at an initial level.

·         However, to continue attracting your customers your product or service should be able to create value in the customer’s life. You need to make sure that your product or service needs to be able to

#5: Use proper SEO fundamentals:

You need to use SEO fundamental strategies so that you can make sure that your audiences are able to search specific keywords.

 For example: suppose, that you decide to increase brand awareness through SEO fundamental strategies. Now, you will need to conduct a manual search to check about specific search queries by your targeted consumers. Once you completed your search query then you can take use of these tools – “Google Keyword Planner”, “Semrush”, etc. In these tools, you need to type your specific keyword and you can select the most relevant result after getting various search results”.

●       To add SEO fundamentals, you can search for any ecommerce website development company in Jaipur. You can use paid tools for conducting in-depth keyword research.

●       You may be required to frequently use different keywords to make your content more engaging in an effective way.

All the suggested methods incorporate a huge potential to increase your brand awareness. Although, you need to understand that these methods will be able to bring the audience once or twice. Later on, to bring the customers again, it is important your products or services should be highly valuable for the customers.

Moreover, you need to work on your website design as well. Your website should be user-friendly.

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