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How to Blend Different Essential Oils to Make Fragrance

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Different parts of the plant make different oil blends. Essential oils are extracted from various parts of the plant to produce varying strengths of the same oils. However, these can be blended to create fragrance oils that suit different preferences.

Apart from perfumes, and perfume oils, essential oils are also a huge part of aromatherapy practices. These are healing oils that can elevate various kinds of ailments. From headaches to muscle soreness and more, a lot is possible to manage with the right oil.

In addition to this, they can be used to create unique fragrances at home or even get them custom, used at Ade Fragrance for high-quality ingredients and lasting scents.

Essential Oil Benefits You Must Know

Essential oils much like many other natural healing elements have gone mainstream. From being used in therapy to becoming a  part of medications, essential oils have gained popularity in the cosmetic and healing industry for valid reasons.

Helps Manage Anxiety

A study published in phytomedicine conducted on randomized and non-randomized samples showed that lavender oil when used under guidance as anar0omatherpay aid, showed lower levels of stress in patients being treated.

Another study showed that the addition of essential oils to massage oils also helped reduce stress and stiffness in the body. This may be primarily due to the presence of linalyl acetate in the oils.

Some oils also have linalool along with linalyl acetate which has calming and sedating properties if used correctly. It is better to get blinds done by professionals before you pursue aromatherapy treatments.

Migraine Relief and Headache treatment

Migraine, a more severe form of headache, affects roughly 12 percent of U.S. adults, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

A study by the Cleveland Clinic states that recurring headaches can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. Most people who suffer from headaches often use peppermint essential oil to help alleviate the pain.

While there is little research into what makes it so effective, this oil has been used in headache treatments for years. This can be used as an aromatic or applied tropically to the temples in circular motions.

This menthol is the primary ingredient in the oil. It has cooling properties. This is also thought to have analgesic properties that help reduce pain. Apart from this inhaling aromatherapy may also help reduce pain and anxiety.

Nausea Relief

Pregnancy, chemotherapy, or even indigestion can be the primary causes of nausea or queasiness. Some people use essential oils to calm these feelings down. Two of the most widely used oils for this are peppermint and ginger essential oil.

In a review published in March 2018 in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, peppermint relaxes gastrointestinal muscles and lowers inflammation that worsens nausea.

On the other hand, ginger helps clear out the gastrointestinal duct and prevents the lingering of bad bacteria and food in the stomach. A study published in the journal of holistic nursing stated that peppermint oil when used for inhalation reduces symptoms of nausea among hospitalized patients.

Sleep Better

Sleep disorders affect nearly 70 million Americans every year, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

While the primary treatment may be a sleeping aid or cognitive therapy the use of essential oils is added to the mix to help people calm down after a hectic day and relax to sleep better. Oils such as lavender oil and a blend of other essential oils.


Essential oils are often an ingredient in perfumery. From creating mild musk scents to jasmine-based scents they overpower other notes. Essential oils are almost used in all perfumes. Different strengths of extractions are used at different stages of the perfume-making to blend the oils for a lasting scent.

Blending Essential Oils to Create Stunning Fragrance

Of course, you can find some excellent pre-blended options online but knowing what you need to create your own unique scent is one way to get the exact perfume you want to carry.

Get The Right Supplies and Ingredients

the quality of the base ingredients makes a huge difference to the final p[roduct. Here is a list of ingredients you need to create a stunning fragrance blend.

  1. Therapeutic-grade essential oils (from a certified source)
  2. Alcohol
  3. A carrier oil that does not have a strong smell
  4. Distilled water
  5. An air-tight container to hold the blend till you can shift it to a usable container.

Creating The Blend

This is a hit-and-miss process. even if you follow a guide to creating these blends down to the Tee, there is a possibility that it won’t turn out to be the way you want. What might work for you may not be the most appealing scent for someone else.

That said, this is how you can create the perfect blend using essential oils. The first step is to test the air.

Test the Air

As odd as that sounds this step can save you a lot of time and ingredients. Here’s how you do it. Take the caps off of all the essential oil bottles and hold them under your nose and wave it around to get a whiff of what the final product will smell like.

Choose the Notes Carefully

There are three basic notes used in almost all perfume blends. One pro tip is not to use more than 7 essential oils from all three note families. 

  • Several recommendations are 1:1:1, 3:2:1, 4:2:1 [top:body:base]
  • For instance, if you did the 3:2:1, you would select 3 oils for the top note, 2 oils for the body note, and 1 oil for the base note.

Add a drop of your base note to the bottom of the bottle and smell it to understand whether it is exactly what you want. Now add the middle note and swirl it, if you smell a change write the details down. 

Now add a top note and see if you get the exact smell you are looking for or, if not then start adjusting using a few drops of different notes.

Is There an Easier Way?

Yes. you can get in touch with experts at Ade Fragrance to get the perfect blend customized or choose from one of their ranges.

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