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A real estate salesperson is known as a RES. The term “real estate broker” or “real estate agent” is often used to refer to this kind of business. Establishing contact, or serving in the role of a mediator, between current purchasers of real estate and sellers of real estate is the primary objective of and the job of a real estate specialist (RES) (property owners).

Additionally, the job of a real estate broker is to discover buyers who are eager to purchase and sellers who are ready to sell. A fiduciary relationship, often known as a trusting connection, is the kind of relationship that exists between a RES and the clients that they serve. In everyday parlance, this indicates that a fiduciary manages the financial affairs of another individual. This is something that an online RES Course Singapore Toa Payoh does for his or her customer.

In a nutshell, the primary objective of a real estate service (RES) is to aid sellers in the process of presenting their property to prospective purchasers and selling it under the most favorable conditions and for the greatest possible price.

When they serve in the capacity of the buyer’s assistants, on the other hand, their mission is to aid the purchasers in the acquisition of real estate — once again, under the most favorable conditions and at the most affordable price.


Attending a real estate school and passing the associated exam are both requirements for getting a license to work as a real estate salesman. A pre-licensing course is required to be taken, and it must be completed within sixty hours in order to acquire a license.

After that, there is going to be a test. After a person has completed their training and received a passing grade on their exam, they are required to submit their license application to a real estate firm that is run by a broker.

A person might take the exam to become a broker after some time has passed. In most nations, driver’s licenses are typically valid for a number of consecutive years. Keeping up with their education is a requirement for real estate agents and brokers who want to keep their licenses current.

Finding a RES Course Singapore Toa Payoh provider, passing a course in real estate (which is followed by an exam), and depositing the acquired license with an established real estate firm are the fundamental stages that must be taken in order to become a RES. In conclusion, these are the procedures that must be taken.


These days, RES classes may be taken online, and assessments can be finished in the same manner. Prior to sitting for the test, it is necessary for all newly licensed real estate agents in Singapore to first complete the obligatory RES training course.

For the purpose of licensing new agents, the only courses that will be considered valid are those offered by Approved Real Estate Agent Course Providers. It is necessary to have a minimum attendance rate of 75% in order for a course to be considered successful. After all of these steps have been completed, the candidate will be awarded a Certificate and become qualified to sit the exam. At the moment, there are a total of 8 ACPs in Singapore.

The cost of their classes often falls anywhere between S$700 and S$1000. It is essential to determine which ACP best meets the particular requirements and objectives of each person. There are a few prerequisites for the actual course, which are as follows: For the WPLN assessment, a candidate has to have at least four passes at the GCE “O” level, a private diploma, or a level 5 minimum in each of reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

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