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How to become a construction laborer in UK

To become a construction laborer, you need to do more than have an interest in the field. Understanding what qualifications and experience your employers might require is a good start. Follow these steps to successful completion:

Apply for a CSCS card

The Construction Skills Card Scheme (CSCS) is a qualification that allows you to work on construction sites as a labourer. You can obtain a CSCS card upon completion of a course and passing a test that demonstrates knowledge of health and safety protocols on construction sites. Providers across the country offer courses for CSCS card candidates, and it’s usually possible to complete both assessments in one day.

Study for construction NVQs

After you’ve completed the CSCS card course and you’re ready to build on your knowledge, you might want to take part in additional training and study for skills that will help you get into the construction roles you want to apply for. For example, if you have skills in plastering and bricklaying, then likely employers will value these highly while they are looking at your application.

Gain work experience

Education, experience and work experience are really important when it comes to building your professional base. This is an expert outline of the basic factors you should consider when seeking employment in construction.

What skills do construction laborers have?

If you want to work in construction, it’s essential to make sure that you do everything possible to develop the skills that suit your own personal goals and aspirations. Obviously, a construction site is a challenging environment and requires a range of different skills in order to be efficient – but beyond this, there are some general qualities which make you a more attractive candidate for this career path.

Physical fitness

Being a construction laborer is a physically-demanding job that demands endurance, strength and stamina. You’ll often be handling heavy objects, working in all weather conditions and on your feet for most of the day. Being physically fit helps prevent injuries so you can continue to build great projects for your employer


The construction industry has many different types of workers, who all need to work together effectively. Construction laborers often work as part of a team on the job site. Good verbal communication and a strong sense of teamwork are crucial to ensuring that work continues productively and efficiently no matter who you’re working with. If you have these skills, read about the best ways to become an effective construction worker for more information about this career.


Construction workers are organized, responsible and efficient. They need to be on top of the tasks in their daily schedule, including the important ones and being able to prioritize them effectively. While working at a construction site, you’ll also have tight deadlines and you may be working under pressure with tight schedules. It’s important that construction laborers can organize themselves and keep track of what they’re doing on the job. This includes being aware of the tasks they’re to do that day and planning their workload effectively. You may also be working to tight deadlines, which means that it’s important to work quickly and prioritize the tasks you’re completing to ensure that the project can continue without delays

Safety awareness

Construction site health and safety is important to all of us. It’s important that all employees on a construction site are aware of the risks associated with working on a building project, including the dangers associated with working with your hands and tools. As a construction labourer, it’s your responsibility to be aware of these risks and take necessary precautions for your personal protection when working. This includes following safety instructions, wearing the correct personal protective equipment, and being aware of your surroundings at all times. Your CSCS card will help you demonstrate awareness of this.

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