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How to avoid technology to improve your life as a married person

Technology is taking up an increasing amount of our time and attention, and between work, home, and social lives it can be difficult to know when to take a break. Learn How to avoid technology to improve your life as a married person.

As married persons, it’s important that we give each other our time and attention so that our relationships are strong.

Here are some tips to help married couples avoid technology in order to improve their lives:

Establish Rules for Technology Use

Schedule a meeting with your significant other to discuss rules around technology use. One of the ways How to avoid technology to improve your life as a married person.

For example, you can agree on specific times when you’ll both put away any electronic devices or limit the number of times you check your phone per day.

Review Schedules Together

Take some time as a couple each week to review upcoming commitments. One of the ways How to avoid technology to improve your life as a married person.

And tasks for both of you so that neither partner ends up feeling overwhelmed by too much technology use or doubled-up efforts on both parts.

This will ensure that you’re both working together rather than independently in managing your time wisely.

Designate Technology Free Time

Set aside five minutes during the day where technology is not allowed at all – no smart phones or computers!

Instead, just choose an activity to do together like going for a walk or sharing a few laughs over dinner in complete digital silence!

Respond Promptly

If either partner receives an urgent message or call from work or family, respond quickly.

But without getting distracted from quality time with one another by checking multiple emails or getting sidetracked by other notifications.

5 Spend Quality Time Together Without Technology

Of course leisure activities and hobbies might call for their own set of tools (such as PCs)

But otherwise look for ways that don’t require technology to spend quality time together like forming an adult book club.

Dinner parties with friends and family, active participation in volunteer organizations, etc.

These are all great ways to reconnect and enjoy being in each other’s company around topics of mutual interest and engagement

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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