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How To Avoid Annoying Buffering While Playing Streaming Videos

I realize that one of the most irritating things that may occur while streaming anything is the dreaded buffering. This impact is what causes crashes and long loading times while playing material over the internet.

This most often occurs while we are viewing streaming video on TV, but it may also occur when we are watching it on our smartphones. Even with a sluggish internet connection, this issue may be resolved.

We’ll teach you how to decrease buffering while viewing material through streaming in this article, assuming you’re wanting to watch shows in the comfort of your own home and utilizing a home internet connection.

Before starting…

On every streaming network, there are two far easier solutions to the buffering problem:

  • Within a few seconds, try fast-forwarding or rewinding the playback;
  • Close and reopen the application for the service in question.

In certain circumstances, restarting the TV or the device that was used to play the material might assist.

If it doesn’t work, try the suggestions below.

Check if you are having connection issues

It’s possible that the issue is with the quality of your home internet. As a result, ensure sure your connection is of excellent quality and fast enough to stream the material.

It’s also important to verify the router’s health since a faulty router might result in a poor internet connection. That’s worth rebooting the gadget to see if it fixes the problem.

If the buffering issue persists, try switching the network connection from the router to the TV or repositioning the router to see if the signal coverage improves. Switch routers in severe instances.

Turn off other devices that are connected to the internet

Do you know how your brother is playing the Xbox Series X while you’re trying to catch up on La Casa de Papel? That’s correct… It’s possible that it’s the source of your buffering issues. Tell your younger brother to put the video game down and study, and then check to see whether the connection has improved.

Make sure your internet connection is fast enough.

To guarantee that streaming content reproduction works well, streaming services must meet certain minimal standards. Check to see whether your internet connection supports this speed.

In addition, it’s a good idea to do a speed test in your house with the devices involved in this streaming operation, since poor performance might be caused (at least in part) by your TV or the device you’re using to watch the material.

Try reducing the quality of videos

It’s hardly the ideal situation since everyone wanted to see the movies in 4K on HBO Max. If none of the previous options work, you may decrease the quality of the streaming video as a final resort before calling an ISP technician.

In other circumstances, shrinking from 4K to Full HD won’t make a difference, and you’ll save time and money solving an issue that isn’t very difficult. All you need to know is where the issue stems from.

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