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How to Arrange Items in Your Digital Menu Board?

The responsibility of arranging restaurant digital menu boards rests with the restaurant manager. A manager is someone fully aware of updated prices, new items, new offers, and more. 

It is the manager’s discretion if more people are trained to update the digital menu. More than a manager, a restaurant should also need an in-house or third-party graphic designer to create the content and design the digital menu board.

Ideas on how to create a digital menu board

The main purpose of digital menu boards is to present your restaurant menu to your potential customers professionally and successfully. 

As a business owner, you need the best type of restaurant menu that stimulate appetites and motivate your customers to your restaurant.

Here are a few ideas that help you create a stunning digital menu board to grab your customer’s attention:

Group your menu items properly

Grouping similar items together are one of those elements that are often overlooked. Customers do not want to see desserts mixed with main dishes. This frustrates them as they do not have extra time to spend looking for the items that they want.

Firstly, when you design your digital menu board, you should be making sure that your menu items are grouped properly and fall into the right categories. Creating different menu categories beforehand will streamline the sorting process.

Signage UK also helps you by using colors, design variations, and borders that guide your customers to easily distinguish the differences.

Add attractive images and animations

It’s a natural fact that visuals get 93% more views than written-based information. To get these types of views, you should need to include images, videos, and ad animations on your menu board.

This will help to attract customers and force them excited to see what you have in your restaurant. You should always need to include photos or videos of your best food on the menu board that help your customers decide what to order. 

You should also make sure that the feature percentage of your food photos or videos is accurate. On the top, you can add animation effects to your food photos, such as fire or steam animation. This will make your customers appetizing and encourage them to purchase.

Avoid cluster menu design and layout

It is every customer’s preference to easily choose the food of their choice without struggling with a complex digital menu board. To begin with, you should minimize duplication and redundant information and keep only the essentials on your digital display.

Avoid listing all possible combos so you can present your menu in a clean and organized manner. 

For example, “cheeseburger with onion rings” and “cheeseburger with toe” are shown under separate “sides” categories. These are separately placed with options for onion rings or fries only for “cheeseburger.”

Remember, your menu should not focus on providing as much variety as possible. Keep your menu design simply by using simple language and presenting your menu items directly.

It can be beneficial to highlight special items to help your customers decide what to place an order. You need to concentrate on showcasing and endorsing the menu items that can bring you the most profit.

Always remember your promos and special offers

On digital menu boards, you have an option to display any promotion or special offer whenever you want. You also promote any seasonal items alongside your regular meals. By displaying such promos, you become to attract your customers with the right offers at the right time.

You can also include ads and interstitial promos on your digital menu boards. These promos are often paid for by another company or an internal promotion.

While this provides an additional source of revenue for the restaurant and can draw attention to promotions. It can be detrimental to the client experience. Your promos should always be your priority.

Place digital menu boards in the right place

One of the most overlooked mistakes when it comes to digital menu boards is poorly positioned displays. We are talking about menu boards that are not hard to read because of the content but because of their positioning.

A restaurant menu board becomes ruined by poor lighting or glare. Therefore, signage UK gives you the best advice to place the menu board in a position where it has a perfect balance of shadow and light.

The menu board should be placed in an area with sufficient light, but not to the point where the intensity of the light source is greater than the board.


Setting up a menu board in your restaurant is a quick solution for restaurants to improve their operations and sales. This has become a regular trend in the food industry. Soon, most restaurants will be considering how to create a digital menu board. 

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