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How to Archive Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive?

In this blog, we will discuss the methods for saving Yahoo emails to an external hard drive or another local storage system and also describe the reasons and limitations for archiving Yahoo mail to a hard drive. We will also provide the best solution for backup Yahoo mail to the hard drive.


Thousands of people use Yahoo mail for email. Yahoo mail can contain emails, messages, contacts. Yahoo users are searching for reliable software to save Yahoo emails to their computers and save your data. By taking backup, users do not have the risk of data loss.

So, now we will explain how to save Yahoo mail to the hard drive but first read about the reasons for Yahoo email archiving.

Reasons to Archive Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive

Yahoo can get stuck and cause problems for users. If the issue is serious, a user might not have access to their messages. Users of Yahoo Mail can also suffer from data loss and damage due to Yahoo Mail faults. Similarly, there are some more reasons that make it important to save Yahoo data on an external device.

  • Overflow of emails.
  • Hacking Yahoo Mail.
  • Yahoo Mail is not accessible.

How to Archive Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive – Manually

There are many ways to backup Yahoo mail to a hard drive. Here, we provide you with the basic method to protect your email. Follow the steps which are written below.

  • Copy and paste each email into Word before saving it.
  • At the same time, you can save your Yahoo email personal messages to your local drive.
  • Yahoo email can be accessed from Outlook or Thunderbird by using POP / IMAP settings.
  • Forward your email to another address by using another email address.
  • Using a local hard drive, you can also archive your Yahoo mails.

Limitation of Manual Process

Generally, if people use the manual process they are facing problems. There are many limitations to the manual method, which is written below.

  • The process of the manual method is very lengthy and difficult.
  • This process is very time-consuming.
  • There is a chance of data loss.
  • Need the technical skill to understand the process.
  • Never, save attachment files.

 Now, we explain the best solution to archive Yahoo mail to the hard drive.

How to Archive Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive – Professionally

As we discussed there are many limitations of the manual method so now I will introduce a simple tool which is the DRS Yahoo Backup tool. Using this tool you can easily backup Yahoo mail to a hard drive by following some easy steps.

Step1. Install the Yahoo Backup tool and put your Yahoo credentials and click on Sign in.

Step2. Click the Next button after selecting the desired accounts to back up.

Step3. Select the desired file saving option in which you want to save your mailbox data. After that, choose the additional features as per the requirement.

Step4. Next, to start the process click on the Convert button. And click on OK.

Step5. Now, Tool will Automatically open the file.

Watch the complete video demonstration on how the DRS Yahoo Backup tool works:


Now, after reading the blog, you may have learned how to archive Yahoo mail to the hard drive with complete security. You can use both the described methods. In addition, you have learned about the free demo DRS Yahoo Backup tool where you archive Yahoo mail to a hard drive easily. So use this tool quickly and protect your Yahoo mail data.

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