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How to Apply for a CITB test? Explain


Want to work in the UK construction industry? In the form of a construction skills certification scheme card, UK construction companies seek evidence of skill from employees.

He/she is expected to take a CSCS test and hold some CSCS cards to work in the construction industry. If you are confused and not able to understand how you have to apply for a CSCS card then this article will help you.

To maintain health and safety on a construction site, the CITB test is very important. You can qualify for the CSCS card with the help of this test and work smoothly in the industry.  Follow these simple steps to apply for a CSCS card.

Steps to apply for a CSCS card

Step 1 – Step 1 –  Identify the type of card you require

Firstly one needs to think about what type of card one wants or aims for. Before taking a CITB test one should be clear about which type of CSCS card he/she wants.

Every card requires different qualifications and they all need an NVQ course related to a relevant trade skill card you want. When it comes to a CSCS card you can’t change NVQs

Step 2 –  One must have their Qualifications/Identifications In hand

Before applying for a CSCS test online make sure that you have all the important information and documents in your hand.  Having your personal information handy helps you to book your CITB  test online without any rush. You have to keep your National insurance number and your NVQ qualification as it becomes difficult to memorize these numbers at the time of applying.

Step 3 –  last step is to book your CSCS test

One can easily book a CSCS test online with the help of various CSCS-affiliated websites and companies. The booking steps for CSCS cards are easy, one can get your time location booked easily.

Candidates can apply either online or over the phone for filling out their application forms. Whereas those who are applying over the phone should open their email account in the course of the conversation.

What after applying?

One can expect a CSCS after giving your CITB Health and safety test to be delivered on time.  Soon after the test centers approve one’s application, CSCS cards are shipped.  Within 3-5 days the certificate will be delivered to the address. Unless you acquire the certificate within ten days, you’d have to get in touch with the test center.


At construction duty, we offer a good range of health and safety lessons authorized by CITB.  We provide proper training to pass your CITB test and also help people to apply directly for CSCS cards. We help in eliminating the lengthy process for applying for a CSCS card and provide you with an easy way to get your CSCS card. If you are still confused about the procedure you can call us or visit our website for free Guidance. We will give you all the information regarding the CSCS card and how to apply for it.

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