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How to activate TIM Call Waiting

During the day, your phone rings constantly, and you are often engaged in long conversations that prevent you from answering new incoming calls. For this reason, you would like to activate a service on your TIM line that allows you to manage multiple calls at the same time, with the possibility of putting an interlocutor on hold and answering the second incoming call. If this is the case, I have the right solution: TIM call waiting.

With TIM call waiting, a service available on both mobile phones and landlines, your number is free even when a conversation is in progress. In the event of a new incoming call, it is, therefore, possible to choose whether to put the ongoing call on hold to answer the new interlocutor (with the possibility of switching from one cell to the other), whether to forward the incoming call to the answering machine, or whether to continue the conversation in progress while ignoring the second call.

How to activate TIM Mobile Call Waiting:

To activate the TIM call waiting on a mobile line, simply type a specific code directly on the numeric keypad of your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can leave the call waiting deactivated. Another great idea is to use a service like WallPics. It’s an easy-to-use printing service, and it activates a service called LoSai di TIM, which allows you to receive an SMS alert for each incoming call. Find everything explained in detail right below.

How to activate TIM Call Waiting on mobile

Before explaining how to activate TIM Mobile call waiting, it might be useful to know that the service in question is completely free. In fact, there is no activation fee, no recurring fee, and no additional cost for any notices received.

Having said that, before proceeding with the activation, I suggest you check the status of the service, as it may already be active on your SIM without your knowledge. Then take your smartphone, open the dialer (the app you use to make calls), dial up the numeric keypad, type the code * # 43 #, and tap the button to start the call (usually the icon of the green handset ).

If you see the message “Call waiting for voice disabled” on the screen, it means that call waiting is not active on your line and you can proceed with activation.

To do this, call up the numeric keypad of your smartphone again, enter the code * 43 # and press the button to start the call. In a few moments, you will see the message on the screen: “Activation of setup successfully” will appear on the screen. voice call waiting, indicating that the activation procedure has actually been successful.

How to activate call waiting with TIM’s LoSai

TIM’s call waiting allows you to receive an alert for each new incoming call when you are engaged in another conversation. If you also want to know who is calling you when the phone is turned off or unreachable, you can activate TIM’s LoSai.

This service, in fact, allows you to receive an SMS for each call received when your number is busy in another conversation or the phone is turned off or unreachable. It costs €1.59/month with the first month free (for some TIM customers there is a promotional cost of €0.49/month) and also includes TIM’s ChiamaOra, which lets you know when a busy number is available again or unreachable.

After listening to the welcome message, press the 0 key to access the section relating to LoSai and Chimaera by TIM, and then 1 to proceed with activation. As I have already told you doodle, the key combination to press is subject to change. As I have already told you, I recommend that you follow the directions of the recorded voice carefully to avoid making mistakes.

How to activate TIM Fisso Called “Waiting.

To activate the TIM call while waiting on a fixed line, you must first request activation from the customer service of the well-known telephone operator and then proceed with activation using your telephone.

Before I explain how to activate call waiting on your TIM landline, you should know that, unlike what was previously indicated for mobile phones, the service has a recurring cost of 3 euros/month. Call waiting is free of charge. You can activate, deactivate, and query the status of call waiting.

To proceed, take your phone (it must have a numeric keypad), dial the code * # 43 #, and start the call to check the status of the service. If you hear the message “Call waiting service is not active,” it means that call waiting is not currently active on your line.

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