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How to Access the PNB Knowledge Centre

How to Access the PNB Knowledge Centre

If you are a PNB employee, you can access the PNB Knowledge Centre by logging into the portal. The portal provides many benefits to employees. It contains payroll, salary reports, leave and other important information. You can access the portal through the mobile app or through the official website.

To log in to the PNB Knowledge Centre, you need to know your User Id and password. These details are assigned by the bank’s branch manager to you. Once you have them, you can start using the system.

If you have not accessed your account for a while, you can reset your password. Here are the steps to follow. First, you need to go to the PNB Knowledge Centre’s official website. From there, you need to select the Non-Employee login option. Next, you need to enter your username and password. After submitting your username and password, you can use your PNB knowledge center to view your personal data.

After your PNB knowledge center login is completed, you can review your employee’s performance. You can also check the details of your assets and liabilities. Besides, you can also check your salary and fuel allowances.

In addition, you can use the portal to apply for a First Access card. This card can be approved in just sixty seconds. Furthermore, you can submit leave requests online. Other services offered by the Punjab National Bank include training management and attendance management. Using these services, you can track your performance and learn new things.

You can access the PNB knowledge center through its official website, or via the mobile app. Whether you are on an Android or an iOS device, you can download the app and access the PNB Knowledge Centre. Moreover, if you have forgotten your PNB Knowledge Centre login password, you can reset it. As an alternative, you can contact customer care.

If you are an existing user, you can use the Forgot Password section. There, you can choose to reset your password or create a new one. Alternatively, you can also choose to change your default password.

In addition, you can check the salary of the employees, calculate the varying deductions, and even generate pay slips. Additionally, you can review the reasons for these deductions. Finally, you can make your payroll process automatic.

The PNB Knowledge Center is a very useful tool for PNB employees. Whether you are a new employee or have been working for the bank for several years, you can benefit from this service. Through the portal, you can access various programs and resources, including the personnel management information system (PMIS). Moreover, you can access your employee’s information, check their performance, and manage your personal and professional information.

When you have completed your PNB Knowledge Centre login, you will have access to all of your job information. Additionally, you can contact the bank’s head branch if you have any questions or concerns. Also, you can use the system to request a vacation, apply for a leave, or ask a question.

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