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How the Clickoot Mobile Ordering System Can Help Your Business

With Clickoot, you can create your own custom websites and mobile apps. The system will help your business grow and increase sales and revenue. It allows you to send orders from any location and provides real-time alerts and optimization paths. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, this system can help you grow your business.


With the click of a button, Clickoot allows restaurant owners to offer their menus and take orders on the go. The mobile app gives customers a branded, professional experience, while drivers can track orders and request delivery. With no transaction commissions and a multi-platform approach, Clickoot drives incremental orders and streamlines delivery costs. It also provides restaurant owners with a wealth of customer data and analytics.

Clickoot is a commission-free, cloud-based mobile ordering system that enables businesses of all sizes to deploy an app that allows customers to place orders anywhere, on any device. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use and allows businesses to get up and running quickly. It gives customers the experience closest to a personal waiter, all while providing a central console for management. It supports multiple payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Moreover, it enables businesses to offer multiple ordering methods, such as table service, self-order kiosks, curb service, and delivery.

With Clickoot, pizzeria owners can easily customize their menus and accept orders. The software supports built-in pricing, menu management, and promotional tools. It also lets users customize their mobile ordering experience. With a low monthly fee, Clickoot is an excellent choice for restaurants that specialize in pizza.

Clickoot’s push notifications can be powerful tools for boosting user retention. Combined with behavioral analytics, these notifications can counter cart abandonment and let consumers know when a product is back in stock. Such features can also increase conversion rates.

Which Mobile Ordering System Solution is Right For You?

If you’re looking for a mobile ordering system solution, there are several options available. Among them are Olo, Moduurn, Zuppler, and Cloud Waitress. But which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at a few options to get you started.


A new cloud-based mobile ordering solution for restaurants has been introduced by Canadian company Moduurn. A solution is a powerful tool that can help restaurateurs of any size automate their business and drive sales. Businesses can customize their own app and allow customers to order directly from their mobile devices. Using the system also helps restaurateurs extend their brand and increase engagement.

Moduurn offers a customizable mobile ordering system solution, including an Android, iOS, and web app. Customers can use the app to order from their phones, social media, and search engine results. Typically, a business can make eight to ten orders per day from its app, and its overall sales can increase by 10%.

The company uses artificial intelligence, big data, and customer experience metrics to create a cloud-based platform that allows clients to deploy customized applications. Businesses can choose the features that will work best for their business, based on their budget, goals, and current customer base. A cloud-based system also allows businesses to easily add new features and improve the customer experience.

Red Barn Market is a great example of a company that has leveraged the Moduurn mobile ordering system solution to enhance its customer experience. The app helps Red Barn Market plan capacity, reduce lines, and increase customer loyalty and brand advocacy. It also increases operational efficiencies. The new app also helps Red Barn Market make better use of its mobile ordering system, and customers are already raving about it.


Zuppler’s robust platform provides the power to process and analyze all orders in a restaurant. It offers detailed reporting on order size, day, time, location, loyalty members, guest checkout, and more. Zuppler also offers integration with many POS systems. For example, it can send dine-in orders directly to the POS system.

Zuppler’s mobile app allows for custom branding, offering restaurants complete control over their menus. It also supports contactless ordering, eliminating the need for the exchange of payment information between the customer and the server. This feature allows restaurants to maximize profit potential and control customer data. Zuppler’s Menu Anywhere Contactless Ordering Solution is currently in beta testing and is slated to go into general availability in mid-July 2020.

In addition to offering an intuitive platform for restaurant operators, Zuppler provides premium customer support, professional account management, and flexible payment options based on online ordering volume. The company also lets businesses customize their promo codes and track their impact on customer behavior. These codes can be tailored to drive larger orders, and also help determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Zuppler’s mobile ordering system solution integrates seamlessly into a restaurant’s website and mobile app. It allows restaurants to accept payments online, expand their reach to new channels, and increase their overall sales. Moreover, it supports loyalty programs and omnichannel support. For independent restaurants, Zuppler’s mobile app also provides marketing services that boost online ordering volume.

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