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How online Ludo became the ultimate source of entertainment?


Ludo and other board games have long been favorites in India. The Indian game Pachisi served as the original inspiration for the ludo game. The goal of the classic Ludo game, played between two and four players on a physical board, is to race all four tokens from one point to the other by rolling a die.

Many individuals prefer to play ludo online due to the popularity of computers and smart phone games and the lack of free time in people’s hectic schedules. On the other hand, due to the individual touch and added enjoyment of capturing other players’ tokens, some people still enjoy playing traditional ludo on a physical board. The question of which version is superior is continually debated.

The fundamental idea is that Ludo is perhaps one of the earliest board games, with thousands of fans who play it both traditionally and online. It can typically be played with two or four participants.

The game’s components include a four-sided board and dice players roll during each turn. Each player has four tokens, each of which is colored differently. Ordering the checker in the finishing area first is the game’s goal.

The major advantages include

When it comes to advantages, there can be so many positives to the online version –

  • We can now play ludo game online since we need to keep our social distance. Thanks to it, we can play with our pals while remaining in our houses. You don’t even need to bother about the time because you are at home and may play as late as you like!
  • Stay Stress-Free: There are several advantages of playing online ludo in our daily lives. By reducing stress and bringing about mental calmness, this online board game can help you find some peace and tranquility.
  • Playing Ludo or another board game for a few minutes, whether online or on a real board, might help you decompress mentally. Additionally, if it’s an online game, competing against other players virtually and collecting interesting rewards will be a terrific way to unwind and motivate yourself.
  • Playing strategy games like Ludo will teach us a lot about soft skills and personal qualities. You always either win or lose when you play. As a result, one of the fundamental skills you acquire from playing the game of Ludo is the ability to deal with setbacks and avoid becoming overexcited by success.
  • Improve Bond with Friends or Relatives – Playing online ludo soothes tense interpersonal relationships and restores the original connection lost in today’s hectic society. You can play for a while, relaxing with your family.
  • Playing online Ludo games on various platforms can earn lakhs and even greater sums of money. These days, playing Ludo for real cash is fairly prevalent. People create plans and techniques to win large financial rewards on Ludo.
  • Any game that forces you to compete with others, such as Ludo, requires confidence. It becomes challenging to excel at Ludo if you lack even basic self-confidence. Your spirit will immediately be raised by playing this game, which aids in strengthening your confidence. People can still play real money Ludo games nowadays, which is a major advancement since it includes actual money.

How to play ludo game online?

Be it any app; there are some common steps to be followed –

  • Select and download the Ludo app of your choice.
  • Once the app has been downloaded, create an account for the Ludo King app either as a guest account or through Facebook.
  • You will then be taken to the App’s home screen, with 4 games.
  • Go forward and tap the same, select classic or current, your favorite game orientation or settings, then push play to play solo online.
  • You will be paired with a random player to play; feel free to try your luck at winning.
  • Go to the app’s homepage and look for “Play with friends” if you wish to play with pals.
  • To create a room where you’ll be given a “Room Code,” tap the corresponding button.
  • Add up to three players, and don’t forget to tell them the room code.
  • You are now prepared. So can go ahead and begin playing as soon as all of your friends have been invited to the room.

Suggestions to bear in mind

  • You are rolling a six opens all of your tokens.
  • Make sure your token lands on the opponent’s so that it returns to the play area and resumes its trip.
  • When playing Ludo, always try and form a block. This will protect your token from your opponents’ advances.
  • Never concentrate on a single token. To win the game, move all of your tokens concurrently and distribute them over the board.
  • Don’t pass up the opportunity to take your opponent’s token.
  • Always try to use your token to block your adversary.
  • Distribute your tokens judiciously over the board, keeping a close eye on your opponent’s tokens as you do so.


Our beloved game needs to be played online even more now that we must maintain social distance. We can play a game with our friends while staying at home thanks to the download of online games. You don’t even need to worry about the passing of time; since you’re at home, you can play for however long you like! The greatest software is crucial if you want to play online ludo with players worldwide and experience the most captivating online ludo games. The most recent and top-rated Ludo game available online and in numerous apps is Ludo video call. One of the popular free online games is this one. You may play live multiplayer online voice chat games like Ludo with your friends.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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