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How Much Harpic 5ltr Does a 200 Employees Office Require and Why?

If you have an office with about 200-500 employees, there are a few things you should know about. One important factor is toilet cleanliness. No employee would like or be comfortable working in an office with poorly maintained toilets. 

Moreover, if you have many employees working under a roof, it is essential to ensure that the toilets are hygienic and safe to prevent contagious diseases. Unless properly and periodically cleaned, bathrooms can harbour numerous germs, including the ones that can cause severe health conditions. Therefore, ensuring that your cleaning staff uses proper toiler cleaners like Harpic is crucial.

Harpic is a versatile and efficient cleaner used in households and commercial spaces to sanitise, kill germs, and maintain the hygiene of toilet rooms. It is safe to use Harpic in the office toilets, and it effectively kills germs, bacteria, and viruses with every use, maintains good sanitation in the toilet rooms, and keeps them germ-free. Compared to many other products, Harpic 5 Ltr. Price is highly viable as you get access to multiple benefits.

Here are more reasons for using Harpic to clean toilets in your company.

Kills 99.9% of germs:

Harpic is not just a cleaner. It is also a powerful disinfectant that has the power to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses with just one application. It can kill even the germs resistant to many other cleaners. Moreover, it leaves behind an added layer of protection against re-infection of the toilets, making them safe and hygienic at all times.

Removes tough stains:

Harpic can also help you remove stubborn stains. It removes tough stains like that of urine easily and has the power to eliminate germs and other harmful agents. Unlike most cleaners, Harpic is used as a disinfectant in the toilets and not just as a cleaner.

Good for general cleaning:

Even though Harpic primarily cleans toilets, it does not mean it is ineffective for general cleaning. Harpic can also be used for other cleaning purposes, like surfaces near the bathroom, drains, and even waste bins. It is helpful to remove grease and oil stains from the floor or any other hard surface. 

Eradicate foul and unpleasant odours:

Harpic is an effective room freshener too. It leaves behind a pleasant and fresh fragrance after the cleaning and effectively eradicates foul and unpleasant odours from the toilet rooms.  

Easy to use:

Harpic can be used in a variety of ways to clean toilets using different cleaning techniques. You can choose to pour it into the toilet bowl for general cleaning or squeeze it out of the bottle for spot cleaning on hard surfaces, walls, floors, and even sinks. Furthermore, it can be used to clean the bathtub, shower walls, tiles, and other hard surfaces. 

Safe to use:

Harpic has been certified as a suitable cleaning agent for commercial office toilets. This means that it is completely safe for your employees to use and is much better than harsh chemicals in your toilets. Harpic is a cleaner with no harmful chemicals like bleach or unscrupulous enzymes. As it is free from these chemicals, it poses no health risks to your employees or the environment.

Therefore, Harpic can be used for a long time without any side effects on health and hygiene. It doesn’t irritate your skin like many harsh chemicals, and neither does it produce irritating fumes. It also does not damage the toilets and leaves them germ-free and hygienic at all times.

Quick acting formula

Harpic has a quick-acting formula that gets to work immediately after usage. It cleans the toilet bowls in just one application and leaves behind an additional layer of protection with every use. Therefore, cleaning toilets won’t be a time-consuming process anymore.


Harpic 5 ltr price is affordable and suitable for the commercial cleaning industry. It is a cost-effective cleaner and works just as well as chemical cleaners. However, it is much better than other chemical cleaners for cleaning toilets.


Harpic is one of the most trusted toilet cleaners that you can use in your commercial office toilets without any side effects on health. In fact, it is much better than most other cleaners because of the added layer of protection it leaves behind. It keeps the toilets safe and disinfected to use at all times. This multi-purpose cleaner can be used for maintaining good hygiene in the kitchen, bathroom, waste bins, and general surfaces as well.

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