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How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO costs vary greatly depending on your organization’s needs and the level of expertise of the service provider. Most SEO companies charge on a scale that increases with your needs. They will automate link building, use offshore labor to write content, and perform basic on-site technical work. Listed below are several different pricing models.

Average monthly retainer fees

The most common pricing model for SEO services is based on a monthly retainer. This is an affordable option for businesses that need ongoing services, but want to avoid paying hourly rates. A monthly retainer also allows for more flexibility as your needs may change over time. Here are some common examples of monthly retainer fees for SEO services.

The average monthly retainer fee for SEO services is between $501 and $1,000 per month. Some SEO specialists offer ongoing services for this amount, while others offer one-time work for a fixed monthly retainer. It’s important to note that rates for less experienced professionals can be high, but experienced SEO professionals have proven results and know how to increase their clients’ rankings.

Hourly rates

When it comes to hourly rates for SEO specialists, the range is pretty wide. A specialist can charge anything from R250 to R800 per hour. Keep in mind that the world of SEO is extremely complex, and there are a lot of factors to balance and variables to consider. Therefore, the more time and resources you can afford to spend on the project, the better results you can expect to see. As a starting point, you should expect to spend at least R5000 per month on SEO.

SEO consulting is not cheap. While a basic SEO campaign can run anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000, more advanced and involved methods may cost significantly more. A month-to-month retainer for SEO services can cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000. Hourly rates for SEO consultants can range from $150 to $1200 per hour, depending on the complexity of the project.

Project-based pricing

Project-based pricing for SEO involves paying for an SEO consultant based on a project. This type of SEO service is typically more expensive, ranging from $500 to over $2,000 per project. However, it can be a good option if you have specific goals for your website. In this case, the consultant will work with you to set deliverables and milestones.

Project-based pricing for SEO is common among SEO service agencies. In this model, a client will provide a list of keywords, which will be reviewed against success criteria. For example, a client may pay a SEO firm for five blog posts, but only pay for one if they want a new website. In a project-based model, the SEO firm will charge the client only for the services that add value for the client.


When hiring an SEO company, you should know that the costs will vary greatly depending on the type of business you have and your competitiveness level. You should also be aware that most SEO experts charge a monthly recurring investment of at least two thousand dollars. While a national SEO campaign can start at around five thousand dollars, a local campaign can be as low as two hundred dollars.

SEO costs can range from $50 per hour to more than $250 per hour. Some of the most well-known SEO consultants charge upwards of $5,000 per hour for a one-hour consultation. In contrast, your neighbor’s daughter might be able to perform an excellent SEO job for $200 per month.

Expected ROI

The expected ROI of SEO is a key metric for evaluating a website’s success. This metric includes everything from the cost of hiring a content marketing expert to technological tools and publishing automation. In some cases, an ROI can be measured based on profit, but it is also important to measure results over time. An experienced SEO professional can help you calculate your ROI in a more accurate way.

One way to measure SEO ROI is to look at the conversions you get from organic search. You can do this by looking at Google Analytics. This tool allows you to track how many conversions you generate from organic search, and then assign a dollar value to each one. Then, you can segment your data by organic traffic.

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