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How Much Does It Hurt To Get A Hair Transplant?

How much does it hurt to get a hair transplant? Or is a hair transplant safe, these are the common questions from people looking for hair transplant surgery. The answer is yes, hair transplant surgery is safe and also the process leads to a sort of discomfort or pain.

The reason for pain during hair transplant surgery is that there are many pain nerves throughout the body and face, so when a surgeon makes a cut into the skin, they can cause pain which is quite normal. Like in any other surgery, a surgeon also needs to cut the skin during a hair transplant surgery which definitely causes some pain. However, the patient will get relief after getting anesthesia or some painkillers after the procedure.

Why is hair transplant surgery painful?

When doing a hair transplant surgery, surgeons normally use devices to distract brain nerves from receiving pain nerve signals. The patient’s entire scalp is numbered using small or tiny needles during which the patient doesn’t feel any pain. 

However, some redness, pain, and soreness can be caused due to numbing injections.

During hair transplant surgery it’s the surgeon’s first priority to make every effort to ensure his patients are kept as comfortable as possible. Still, some patients may get stressed out because of the fear of the pain they are going to suffer.

For most patients, a hair transplant is an a bit more comfortable procedure. 

How to avoid pain during a hair transplant?

Surgeons during hair transplant surgery ensure that patient does not feel any pain and so they use different techniques 

  • During the transplant using anesthesia Injections 
  • Providing painkillers or pain-relieving medications to the patients
  •  Mainly stress causes more pain so surgeons during hair transplants ensure that every patient is relaxed and comfortable.

Ensuring every patient is stress-free is the main concern of surgeons so that the brain doesn’t get alarmed because of pain. That’s the reason most surgeons prefer the “local anesthesia injections” during transplant.

In addition to local anesthesia, surgeons will also prefer to provide their patients with painkillers or pain-relieving medications that relieve patients from any soreness or pain.

 If a patient suffers from pain for longer than 28 days, he should contact his surgeon immediately.

Tips to avoid pain

 If the surgeon kept patients awake during the procedure, then he kept his patients as relaxed as possible. For that purpose, he must keep the patient busy with his choice of entertainment like films, music, TV or podcasts, and more.

During the hair transplant surgery, initial local anesthetic injections are injected into the patient so that he should not feel pain. Once the procedure starts, he will feel that the surgeon is slightly touching his scalp like a pinch. The surgeon will then begin the process combined with aromatherapy, and soft and calming music so patients may fall asleep.

Here are some other misconceptions regarding hair transplant surgery that we will try to address:

Does pain affect a patient’s transplant?

 Most pain doesn’t affect hair transplant because anesthesia is injected into the patients before their scalp starts to be numbed. So that the patients got desired results. 

Is FUE hair transplant a comfortable procedure?

 After a patient’s scalp has been numbed by using local anesthesia, normally patients do not feel any pain at all during a hair transplant which means that an FUE hair transplant is an unproblematic and comfortable procedure.

Does it take too long to recover from a hair transplant surgery?

No, it doesn’t take too long to recover from a hair transplant as most people are able to return to their routine work in about 2 to 5 days.

You should first check the level facilities clinics provide before choosing one. You can check best hair transplant in Lahore price online to discover different clinics nearby and compare their prices.

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