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How Much Does it Cost to create a Crypto Wallet App

All financial business are putting their resources into blockchain due to the vast technological development. Later, you can see the development of blockchain technology and its application. Along with this numerous entrepreneurs and businesses start investing in Blockchain technology. However, maximum cryptocurrencies follow the Blockchain system. Thus, the demand for crypto wallet apps is so high. For the solution of problems, digital currency wallets have to attract the most attention. We will review cryptocurrency wallet costs and final budget, and more. RichestSoft is a crypto wallet app development company, it can also help you to create a crypto wallet app.

What are Cryptocurrencies?

Following blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital money. No central authority maintains and manages the value of cryptocurrency. Alternatively, many other users broadly keep going via the internet. However, the center of cryptocurrencies is blockchain technology. It allows transactions to be processed and authenticated without the help of any central authority.

What are Wallets of Cryptocurrency?

There is a requirement for space for cryptocurrencies to store and transact. Here, you can understand why a cryptocurrency wallet is necessary. A cryptocurrency wallet keeps your private password keys and provides you access to your cryptocurrencies. However, it is safe and accessible that permits you to send and receive cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. These keys are proof of your ownership of your digital money. These keys help you to make a transaction. 

Moreover, it is the reason many companies want to hold crypto in a secure place. In a statista, it is seen that more the 82 million people registered crypto wallet apps for Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin, and other tokens. Now, you can understand the reason for the rapid growth of crypto services.

Types of Crypto Wallets

Here are two types of crypto wallets a custodial (centralized) or non-custodial (decentralized) solution. But, it is your choice which wallet you want. We will have an eye on them to analyze.

Web Wallets

Web wallets provide a facility to access from a web browser. This type of wallet does not need any application to download on your smartphone and computer. It provides a web wallet, and the website holds the key to your crypto. You can have a little less control over your cryptocurrency with it.

Mobile Wallets

Users can install or download these types of wallets on their smartphones. These came along with QR codes that you can sell or buy effortlessly. Moreover, there is a need for extra security in mobile wallets. They should be vulnerable to malicious apps and viruses. It is our advice you need to encrypt your mobile wallet with a password and keep a backup for your private keys. 

Desktop Wallets

You can execute a desktop wallet on your computer because a desktop wallet is a software. However, some versions of web-based and desktop wallets provide complete access to your keys and funds. You must follow basic security measures like anti-malware, antivirus software, and a strong firewall.

Easy to use Crypto Wallets

The main reason behind the upsurging popularity of cryptocurrency mobile wallet apps is that it is easy to use. Bringing the wallet on the device that you use all time becomes extremely convenient to check the balance and transfer the money.

Essential Features of Wallet Apps

Features of Crypto Wallet Apps
Features of Crypto Wallet Apps

With the addition of good quality instruments and technology, your wallet will become credible and straightforward for users. Let’s see some crucial features.


Authorization is one of the most common features of mobile applications. However, for crypto wallet apps, authorization comes into the limelight of importance. Users require to sign up or fill out the form to access their Bitcoin wallet. Sign-in or filling form is the first stage where keys enter. It is requisite to develop an authorization feature with a proper and well-tested security protocol. On the other hand, you can make sure the app is hack proof straight from the onboarding stage, you can add Google two-factor authentication. The two-step authentication app will provide your business with more security than other generic non-crypto-based apps.

Conversion rate

Users need to be updated for real-time currency because the crypto wallet allows the users to transact money between different modes. These modes are between the same digital currency, different digital currencies, and digital and fiat currencies.

Addresses list

Addresses list makes the whole transaction speedy and convenient with help of providing addresses to the user and they can frequently transact digital currencies.

Push notification

The push notification feature enables the admin to notify the crypto wallet app users of the price of their digital currency, address addition, success, and failure of the transaction, etc. A push notification will give you updates for account activity to their users in real-time.

What is the Cost of developing a Crypto/Bitcoin Wallet App?

Tech stack, hours of resources, and all the functionalities that will go into the feature-rich Bitcoin app development. We will provide you estimate cost for the blockchain wallet development. And you will need to pay to get a Bitcoin wallet like the developed app.

  • Backend Development – $10,000
  • Android – $32,000
  • ios – $28,000
  • Web/desktop – $7000
  • Design – $7000
  • QA/PM – $5,000
  • The overall cost for developing a crypto wallet can be around $91000.

The integration of digital currency payment within an existing App

Several online stores offer the pay with Bitcoin option on their websites and apps with high demand and comfortability for cryptocurrencies. The integration is an alternative to bitcoin wallets for businesses that want to be part of the Blockchain experience with no investment in the resources to make one from scratch.

Final Words

This blog will help you to know the cost of developing a crypto wallet. Before creating a crypto wallet, you should know what is cryptocurrency, what is a crypto wallet, and how they are useful for your business. If you already know about these, you should focus on which type of crypto wallet you want to use because there are varieties of crypto wallets. Hence, you will receive information regarding the estimated cost of developing a Bitcoin-like app. If you are looking for a crypto wallet app development company then RichestSoft is one of the best Companies in India that can help you with the development of a crypto wallet app.

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