Home Travel How much does Desert Safari Dubai cost?

How much does Desert Safari Dubai cost?

How much does Desert Safari Dubai cost?

The best way to gain a true understanding of what it is like to be in the desert is to go there on your own and spend some time there. Do you ever wonder about the likelihood that it will take place during your lifetime and the odds associated with it? If you’ve ever been on a desert safari in Dubai before, you’ll have a more realistic perspective on the issue that you’re looking at. 

You can rest assured that your time spent on a desert safari in Dubai will be one of the most exciting and memorable vacations you’ve ever had in your entire life. If you’re concerned about how much money you’ll need for a desert safari in Dubai, you can relax knowing that we offer a number of different safari packages at prices that are affordable.

Is a Dubai desert safari worth the money spent?

There are many great things to see and do while on a desert safari in Dubai. People often say that this desert safari is one of the best places to start, so the money you spend on it is well spent. If you’re worried about how much a desert safari in Dubai would cost per person, you can rest assured knowing that there are a variety of safari packages from which to choose. 

When you drive through the Dubai desert, you can see the city’s amazing network of golden sand dunes, as well as beautiful places to take pictures and a beautiful sunset. As a bonus, you’ll be taken on an exciting roller coaster ride through the desert by experienced safari riders who know the area well. 

About two-thirds of the way through, you’ll reach a desert campsite. Dates and Arabian coffee will be served as part of the traditional Arabian welcome you will get here. You will get the rare opportunity to ride a camel, should you so choose.

Tour of the desert’s red dunes

This journey through the red dune desert is one that you simply must take if you consider yourself an adventurer. Your memory will forever be etched with the memory of the exhilarating ride across the sand dunes in the desert of Dubai. The exciting camel ride is just one part of the spectacular package. It also includes a belly dance show, Arab music, a traditional barbecue, dune bashing, and sandboarding, among other things.

How much is a Dubai desert safari?

We have the perfect desert safari package for you, no matter how much money you have or how much you are willing to spend in Dubai, whatever your financial situation may be. Contact us right away if you want more information about our different packages, rates, or times, or if you want to make a reservation.


In conclusion, the cost of a desert safari in Dubai can vary greatly depending on the type of tour, the number of people going, and the time of year. It is important to do thorough research and compare different tours before booking. With the right budget, you can find an exciting desert safari that fits your needs. Moreover, most tour companies offer custom packages for those who don’t want to be limited by predetermined itineraries.

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