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How Much Does A Pakistani Wedding Dress Cost?

How Much Does A Pakistani Wedding Dress Cost?

As we all know, weddings are super expensive. The average Pakistani wedding in particular can cost more than an average home in the United States, and it’s not uncommon to hear about couples spending tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding day – and that’s only if everything goes perfectly! 

So it’s easy to wonder how much does a wedding Pakistani dress costs? After all, if the bride needs to get new outfits for her engagement party, shower, wedding ceremony, reception; shoes; jewellery; and make-up, she will probably need to save up quite a bit of money.

According to the latest figures, the lowest price in Pakistan for wedding dresses is Rs180, while the estimated average price is Rs5,089.

How Do Pakistani Brides Wear Their Wedding Dresses?

In the market, there are many Pakistani designer clothes enriched with beautiful designs. There is something for everyone. You will feel comfortable while wearing these because they are made from high-quality fabric. 

It can be challenging to decide what to wear as a bride, especially if it’s your first wedding! Red is often associated with the colours of beading and motifs on clothing. The word “Lehnga” evokes an image in our minds.

There is no doubt that Pakistani weddings are marked by the bride’s wedding dress (Barat) being oblivious red for decades now. 

There is nothing more beautiful than this colour. What we wish for our gorgeous bride is to have beads and motifs abound, along with a red dress embellished with lace and other elements. 

However, you can also select a lehenga in a pink, peach or ash white colour. Such colours have also gained popularity in recent years. 

The wedding dresses in Pakistan tend to be rather pricey though. The cost varies depending on the designer. The price is determined by the style, design, and fabric used. There is a Pakistani dress code for every event, so you should choose your attire accordingly. 

Traditional Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Because of their traditional and cultural appearance, Pakistani wedding dresses are very popular. The wedding ceremony in Pakistan is filled with joy and happiness in a traditional way by wearing a unique wedding Pakistani dress. 

Groom and bride events, as well as wedding dresses, revolve throughout the ceremony. There are many events included in the culture and tradition of a ceremony including Upton, Mehndi, Jaga, Mehndi, Barat, Rukhsati, and Walima. 

Weddings and receptions would not be complete without the heavy embroidery on bridal dresses and grooms’ suits. Bridal in Pakistan wear yellow bridal Pakistani dress mostly at Mayon functions, and most brides like wearing this colour too because brides look innocent in yellow gowns.

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When it comes to big-day apparel, there’s really no need to go overboard. Don’t spend more than you can afford just because you have your heart set on an embellished gown. 

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