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How Many Hotel Transylvania Movies Are There

How many hotel Transylvania movies are there? It’s hard to keep track when the franchise just keeps getting bigger and bigger! The first instalment of Hotel Transylvania came out in 2012, and the newest film, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, was released in July 2018. In fact, it was recently announced that Hotel Transylvania 4 is currently in production. But how many hotel Transylvania movies have there been so far? Here’s your answer!

10 Most Important Things from Hotel Transylvania 2

Transylvanians continue their craze for the live-action original sequel to the Hotel Transylvania movie. The latest film was a perfect opportunity for audiences everywhere to witness how Dracula and his daughter Mavis found out that they were not just related by blood, but by heart.

 In Hotel Transylvania 2, Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler) and Mavis’ (voiced by Selena Gomez) adventure continues as they work with friends to save the day while one of their family members is in danger. Along the way, Mavis discovers who her true friends are and finds herself attracted to a new man.

 Some have criticized the film for its focus on jokes about genitals and body parts rather than substantive themes, though most agree that Hotel Transylvania 2 manages to pack an emotional punch even if it’s lacking in some places. What we learned: there will be another hotel Transylvania movie coming soon!

Dracula Character Descriptions

What’s a Hotel Transylvania movie without the famous Dracula? In this series, he is played by none other than Mr. Hugh Jackman, best known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men films. In the first film, he’s just a bat hanging from an old, stained tower but when we see him again in Hotel Transylvania 2, we find out that he’s been laying low as a human doorman and receptionist of the hotel for hundreds of years after Van Helping slayed him with a holy sword! Some say that his story is fake… but how can you disprove history?

He doesn’t age, he doesn’t have to sleep or eat because he only drinks blood (don’t worry, all cow blood), and his hair never grows or falls out. He also has incredible strength like all vampires but not their weaknesses (not even garlic!). He doesn’t know what it’s like to feel pain or fear which makes him fearless. His only fear is humans finding out about vampires which gives him reason to want to create an amusement park for monsters who would otherwise be living in hiding!

Key Largo Characters’ Information

There have been five Hotel Transylvania movies: Hotel Transylvania, Hotel Transylvania 2, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, and the upcoming fourth and fifth instalments in the series. The first movie came out in September 2012 and grossed over $400 million worldwide. It introduced us to a wacky hotel owned by Count Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler), who is then scared by his grandson’s monster friends because he wants him to grow up like a proper vampire (that is with human blood).

 The second film came out in September 2013 and grossed over $550 million globally.

Two years after Hotel Transylvania 2 was released in theatres, we got Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. This third instalment featured one of our favourite characters from the franchise named Johnny Knoxville as Behemoth; it also marked Selena Gomez’s animation debut and had great appearances from WWE wrestler John Cena. Now that you know when we can expect these new films will come out, find out if Hotel Transylvania will be coming back for more!

A summary of what happened in prior hotel Transylvania movies. What does every hotel Transylvania character look like? How many hotel Transylvania characters are there? Who voices everyone? What other people worked on all these hotel Tran Sylvania movies?

Hotel Transylvania 3 Plot Summary

Mavis surprises Dracula with a family cruise, where he and his older Drac-pack can show their kids how the younger generation still likes to party. But the getaway doesn’t go as planned when Mavis’s weird family starts to meddle. She just wants them to get off the ship- even if it means risking what little peace Dracula has left.

 When the cruise ship is plagued by two uninvited guests–a gluttonous giant whale and a waterlogged ghost named The Loch Nessie–Mavis saves Dracula from an awkward family intervention, realizing that maybe strange is just another word for special!

6 Reasons Why Hotel Transylvania 2 Is Better Than the First One

A lot of people argue which Hotel Transylvania movie is better. However, I personally think that Hotel Transylvania 2 has more comedy than the first one. The visuals in this movie were also great and when combined with the humour, I found myself laughing a lot.

 They also kept up with its story line and made it easy to understand. What I found to be very interesting was the different types of monsters they added in this movie that you didn’t see in the first one. It makes me think they did a lot of thinking about what we really want as fans so that’s why I find it better!

4 Fun Facts About the Director of Hotel Transylvania 2

1. Hotel Transylvania 2 was the first time Gennady Tartakovsky has directed a sequel to his own film. 2. Hotel Transylvania 2 is the second of three Hotel Transylvania movies, and he admits it’s been challenging to try and outdo himself with each sequel.

 3. Hotel Transylvania is not just a place–it’s also the name of Vlad Dracula’s five-star resort that caters to humans and monsters alike.

 4. Gennady Tartakovsky grew up in The Soviet Union, before moving to the United States when he was 8 years old where he drew comics for a living, which resulted in him eventually becoming an animation director at Cartoon Network Studios.

After directing two hugely successful Hotel Transylvania movies, I’m sure most people want to know what goes into creating such visual magic behind the scenes, right? Well aside from drawing inspiration from classic monster movies and including loads of Easter eggs hidden within both Hotel Transylvania films, Director Gennady Tartakovsky stated that his favourite scene to direct involved all of us walking on water (minus Johnny who was on a jet ski). I liked doing all those walk cycles, explained Tartakovsky as he described how everyone interacted while being animated walking on water by imagining they were heavy while floating through like they were on piers or boats.

5 Laughs You’ll Get When You Watch Hotel Transylvania 2 Again (You Didn’t Notice the First Time)

There’s no way you’re going to be able to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 without laughing. There’s simply too much good material in it. Seriously, I’m not even going to try and sell it to you. You know what I’ll say if you read this. If not, then please do so before finishing this post.

Hotel Transylvania 2 is filled with fun and laughs for the whole family, but sometimes it’s funny because we don’t notice the little jokes the first time around when we watch it as a kid. Whether that be from weariness or exhaustion of being a kid, these 5 laugh moments from HT2 should make your day better than any medicine ever could:

-Herman Hives < brr> -Stanley Uris (Dracula)

-Larry Talbot (werewolf)

-Abraham Van Helping


There are three Hotel Transylvania Movies released to date: Hotel Transylvania in 2012, Hotel Transylvania 2 in 2015 and Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation in 2018. It is worth mentioning that these films have been wildly successful, generating around one billion dollars each so far. While the third instalment was only just released this year, we can still predict success.

 What do you think? Do you like watching Hotel Transylvania movies? Have you seen them all or just a few of them? How long would it take for you to watch all of them if it were possible at all? If not, why don’t you want to see them all or what’s stopping from seeing all of them if they’re so great as I say they are? Comment below!

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