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How long does a paintball game usually last?

Do paintballs get spoiled after some months?

Do they actually have expiry dates? If you’ve offered lots of paintballs, you’ve in all likelihood questioned how lengthy they could remain. If you didn’t recognize that they have got an expiry date, then it’s best that you’re here. Learn greater approximately the shelf existence of paintballs and the proper manner to save them Read for more information

How Long Does Paintball Last

How Long Does a Paintball Last?

Not all paintballs are made equal. Since they’re made via way of means of special producers and are crafted from special materials, there isn’t a popular duration of time that determines the shelf existence of a paintball. However, paintball experts agree that no matter the fabric and manufacturer, paintballs remain for four-6 months if they’re saved properly. Paintballs are crafted from non-poisonous, biodegradable fabric. Ideally, the paintballs you’ve got proper now have the equal traits referred to. What’s vital withinside the paintball isn’t always clear the shell, but the real paint that’s interior of it. Ideally, the paint is biodegradable, so meaning it has an expiry date.

Factors that Affect the Shelf Life of a Paintball

What elements have an effect on how lengthy a paintball remains? Here are a number of them.

Date of Manufacture

Since the overall lifespan of a paintball is from four-6 months, you’ll word that a number of your paintball units will expire in advance than the others. Of course, there are different elements at play here, however, one of these is the producing date. When become it manufactured? If it becomes made remaining yr, then its maximum in all likelihood expired. For production dates, they’ll be observed on the packaging of the paintball bag. If you’ve already discarded that, then, simply attempt to take it into account whilst you remain offered it and depend on it four months from there. Hopefully, the set of paintballs to procure wasn’t expired while procuring it.


Another aspect that impacts the lifespan of a paintball is the storage, or rather, the way you saved them. Did you understand that there’s a proper manner of storing paintballs? Even if the paint is enclosed in a shell, that doesn’t imply you may simply go away with the paintballs anywhere. If you save your paintballs properly, they could last as long as six months. However, if they’re uncovered to daylight or they get dropped, they may maximum in all likelihood be defective in a single manner or another. Some grow to be having curdled paint even as a few have dents in the real shell.

Type of Paint Used

Do all producers use non-poisonous biodegradable paint? Unfortunately, no. Older paintballs use poisonous paint. Some use a special form of paint altogether (yes, there are numerous sorts of it). That way now no longer all the paintballs can have an equal expiry date. Naturally, if the paint used is biodegradable and non-poisonous, it’ll have a shorter lifespan. If the paint is non-poisonous, it may in reality expire, however it’ll take nearly a yr earlier before they get ruined. Again, it’s first-class to test the commands of the manufacturer. You can also need to test the elements for the paintball even as you’re at it.

Does it Matter if the Paintballs are Expired?

By now, you’re in all likelihood thinking, does it even depend if a paintball is expired? You’re now no longer going to consume it anyway, so why bother? You have a factor there, however, expired paintballs have an effect on your game. As referred to in advance, if a paintball expires, it could be deformed. It could have a few dents and corners. In different words, it won’t be an ideal ball whilst you play with it.

And that subjects. Why?

Paintballs are spherical for a motive. The corner-much less form permits it to attain its maximum speed in order that it could attain the person that becomes aimed at. If it has corners, then there’s greater friction in an effort to have an effect on the speed of the ball. In turn, it would fall brief of its intention or it won’t be as correct even in case you attitude your marker properly. Another motive why the lifespan subjects is you need to ensure the paint isn’t always hardened. When it’s beyond the shelf existence, a few paintballs grow to be having hardened paint interiors. And yes, you guessed it, it’ll slightly make any shadeation while it bursts on impact. Since paintball is based on the splatters for points, it’s simply going to be disappointing to peer that there has been no evidence that you hit a person.

Proper Storage for Paintballs

What is the right manner to save paintballs then? Here are a few tips.

Place them in a dry and blanketed area.

First, don’t place them in a place in which they could get moist or rained on. Make positive that they’re additionally far from direct solar exposure. Leaving them out withinside the open will go to pot the shell and the paint interior it. If it receives too hot, the solar will motivate the shell to have dents ultimately making them deformed. On the alternative hand, in the event that they get moist, water and moisture can seep via the paintball affecting the pleasantness of the paint.

Don’t place them withinside the freezer.

You’ve in all likelihood heard of humans freezing their paintballs. In any case, don’t do it. It won’t enhance the paintball’s pleasantness. In fact, it’ll do the opposite. When the paintball freezes, the paint freezes, and the entirety will become brittle. It’s additionally susceptible to getting deformed.

Capture the Flag

There are two different ways to play capture the flag in paintball. You can either set up one flag in the middle and both teams fight to capture that flag, or you set up a flag at each team’s base, and in order to win your team has to possess both flags at your base.

Attack and Defend

The way to play Attack and Defend is to have one team defending their base and the other team coming to attack it. The winning team is the team with any remaining players.

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