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How Long Do Skate Decks Last?

If you only skate mini-ramps, a deck may last for many years. Technical street skaters could destroy a deck in just a few weeks. Common sense is the best, because you’ll be able to tell when it’s too late.

Wowgoboard decks can be stronger than ever, such as Lithe and Powell Peralta Flight Decks, Dwindle Impact or Santa Cruz VX. These boards come with a carbon or fiberglass layer to improve durability. However, they are slightly more costly than 7ply maple decks.

How Can You Determine If You Need A New Skateboard Or Not?

You can tell if your deck needs to be replaced by breaking it. It’s possible for your board to be damaged, so it’s time you start shopping for a new one.

Functionally, even if your deck is waterlogged or warped, you can still ride it. But, it will not perform well at all, and you shouldn’t try tricks. It is a good idea to replace your deck as soon as it becomes chipped, watterlogged, and warped.

Warped Deck

Wowgoboard expand and contract with temperature changes. Skateboard decks will bow as a result. Boards can also be damaged if there is moisture in the glue or if it changes between layers. Your board should be kept in a dry place whenever it is not being used.

You can check the warp by holding your deck vertically, with the tail resting on the ground. Now, turn your attention to the tail. If the deck looks unevenly bent or bent, it’s warped.

Waterlogged Deck

It is a good idea to have your deck replaced if it has become waterlogged. The wood will become soft and spongy if it is not fixed immediately. It is best to completely dry a board in a warm location, away from open flames.

Starting to Chip and Splinter

It’s time to buy a new skateboard if the top starts chipping or splintering. If your tricks aren’t feeling as good or you need more bounce off the tail, then it’s time for a new one! It’s a good idea if you start to notice hairline cracks around the places you put pressure when riding.

These Are Some Great Tips To Help You Take Care Of Your Decks And Prolong Their Life.

Do not dry!

Get it wet and you will wreck your skateboard. Wood can become soggy if water seeps into it. You should dry the board immediately if it gets damp.

Get it dry as soon as you can.

The best way to keep your board dry is to bring a garbage bag. This is like having a raincoat on your beloved skateboard. You should not throw your board. Wowgoboard’ve all seen it. The kid who throws tantrums at the kids at the skating park. This is not what you want as a skater. It is best to keep it out of your car your board may not be as damaged by leaving it in your car, but it will take a lot of your time. Your skate deck can get scorched by cars.

Do Not skid on

You can quickly damage the tail by stopping or skidding on it. You will soon lose your tail. This will make your tail as sharp as a razor. This is a nightmare for skaters. This can be extremely painful. Avoid skidding on your tail!

Repair it if you can!

Over time, your board will begin to chip or develop sharp edges. Don’t worry Smoothen any damage with a file, or sandpaper. Superglue is your best friend! You’d be amazed at how long your board will last. It can save you so much! Some cash for your next skate trip!

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