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How is Myassignmenthelp better than Essayshark

MyAssignmenthelp and Essayshark have been contenders for several years now. So, which one is the better choice? Read MyAssignmenthelp review and Essayshark review in detail below.

Do you need help with your assignments? Both MyAssignmenthelp and Essayshark claim to offer the best assignment writing services. So, which one do you choose?

Here is a detailed overview of the same:

Differences in the subscription process

The subscription process on Essayshark is much more complicated than ours at MyAssignmenthelp. For example, when you place your order at Essayshark, you must fill out several forms that ask you to provide all your details. In contrast, Myassignmenthelp follows a simpler process.

Simplicity toward service enrollment

When you enroll for our service, you have to place your personal email id, subject, or course, select the deadline, mention the page limit, and put a short assignment description. Then, in the final process, click “Free Assistance” to place your order.

Essayshark requires you to set up your “personal account” on their website, and the interaction takes place through this account. Delivery of drafts for reviews and approval is made through their account.

MyAssignmenthelp does not require you to set up a personal account. Instead, you can place your personal email i.d. Then, the interaction and delivery take place through your personal email.

Possess a proper address

You will see that scam websites like Essayshark lack a proper address on proper scrutiny. But the headquarters of MyAssignmenthelp is located in Nicosia, which lies within Cyprus’s European territory.

Freebies are generally flawed.

Do not fall for the fatal flaw hiding within freebies. All the features of Essayshark are free of charge, whereas the services of MyAssignmenthelp require you to purchase them.

A vast difference in resulting stats

Numbers never lie! Look at the statistics between Essyroo and MyAssignmenthelp. You’ll find a striking difference in the numbers between the two service providers. It will help you recognize which service is a scam and which is not.

Confidentiality of writers

MyAssignmenthelp will never keep the identities of the experts secret. Instead, they will reveal them on their website and their eligibility or certifications. Essayshark hides the identity of its writers with only a worker code.

Refer to the Review Panel

If you look at the review panel for Essayshark, you will find that you need to log in to their portal to place your review. In contrast, when you click on the “Write a Review” button available on the website “myassignmenthelp,” it will take you to a new window without any requirement for a login. You can then place your review and Submit Your Feedback directly on the website.


A dependable assignment service will always keep track of the points mentioned above. They will always offer economical services over free ones. I hope this detailed comparison could shed light on both the brands and help you make a choice.

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