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How green are electric cars?

Pollution has been considered one of the negative contributors to hazards to our ecosystem. While pollution could come from sound, water, and air, being the major pollutant, we encounter.  

Air pollution is one hazard that has seen combustible engines emit carboniferous materials into the air, which ends up depleting the ozone layer, causing harm to the human eyes, possible respiratory tract challenges, and increased risk of cancer. 

While the world has been able to identify this shortcoming, technology has considered other modern alternatives that could serve as an elixir to all shades of discomfort and harm to the entire populace through the invention of an electric vehicle. 

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What are electric cars? 

Electric cars are automobiles driven solely by electric motors and battery energy. They are also referred to as all-electric cars or battery-electric cars. With their design, electric automobiles emit less pollution and are quieter since they have no Internal combustion engines (ICEs). 

What makes electric cars special? 

Instead of using fossil fuels like gasoline or diesel to charge their batteries, electric vehicles use electricity. Due to their greater efficiency and the lower cost of power, charging an electric car is more affordable than purchasing gasoline or diesel for your travel needs. 

Electric cars are better for the environment than regular petrol and diesel models because they don’t run on fossil fuels and emit CO2 into the atmosphere. This way, the rising level of climate change contributors is reduced. 

How do you power an electric car? 

Since electric cars are not powered by combustion engines, it is only fair to seek to know how they run. As the name implies, electric cars are powered by batteries. The car’s electric motor is powered by a sizable traction battery pack that must be hooked into a wall outlet or charging apparatus, often known as electric vehicle supply apparatus (EVSE) 

If we refer to a car as electric, and that it is powered by batteries, the next question should be how long can these batteries serve, yeah? 

How long can an electric car run? 

Well, there is no direct answer to this, as this solely depends on the capacity of the battery, and how many batteries are considered in the vehicle. How long an electric car would run or charge is wholly dependent on the battery size. 

An electric car can be charged in as short as 30 minutes or up to 12 hours on average. The size of the battery and the rate of the charging station both have a role in this operation. With a 7kW charging station, it takes an average electric car (60kWh battery) just under 8 hours to go from empty to full. 

I believe this carefully answered your question. 

How green are electric cars? 

When people mention the need for green energy, it is considered to curb the shortcomings of fossil fuel, the effect of combustion fuel, and the release of carboniferous materials into the atmosphere. Green energy is a form of energy that is naturally generated from natural resources like the sun, water, or wind, which are often a product of renewable energy.  

The ultimate question remains, how green are electric cars? Well, for accomplishments, electric cars have zero combustion if we are to consider exhaust from their tailpipes, neither do they emit carbon dioxide when in motion, but are they ultimately void of harm on climate change? 

Are electric cars more harmful to the climate? 

It is pertinent to note that, while fuel emission and combustion in electric cars are no more, another thing to consider is the processes involved in manufacturing these cars, likewise the charging grids are located at different designations. Are these processes void of combustion and emissions of carboniferous materials? 

Lots of Lithium batteries are used in electric vehicles. In this process, they require a ton of lithium, nickel, and cobalt. What most people don’t know is that the ecosystem is severely harmed by the mining of several of these minerals.  

Did you know that only 5% of lithium batteries get recycled? compared to those conventional gas cars which recycle 99% of the battery. Solve the riddle! 


Electric cars are one of the best things that innovation has brought mankind. It has curbed rhetorical processes identified with car production and has been considered by most as an efficient means of driving. 

Electric cars may be expensive to purchase; however, they are efficient in maintenance. The need to understand if electric vehicles are green remains a worthy debate depending on how they are considered.

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