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How Frequently Do Office Air Conditioners Require Maintenance?

Offices and conference rooms with air conditioning offer conducive surroundings for effective work.

But even though contemporary air conditioning systems are quite good at maintaining ideal temperatures, they do need to be serviced periodically by a commercial aircon servicing Singapore to guarantee top performance.

Why should office air conditioners be serviced?

Modern commercial air conditioners provide the best air quality for extended periods while operating nearly silently in the background.

However, they will require routine maintenance if they are to keep generating air that is both clean and comfortable to breathe.

Office air conditioners will accrue dust in their air vents throughout their useful lives and may pull in debris from the outside while drawing in cold air.

If ignored, these issues may reduce the effectiveness of commercial air conditioning systems.

How frequently should air conditioning servicing be done?

Most aircon servicing Singapore professionals advise having your system serviced at least once a year to ensure it is functioning correctly.

If it is not operating as it ought to, there are warning indicators to look for:

  • Is the AC unit making more noise than usual? This could happen as a result of blocked filters
  • Does the device chill a room more slowly now? Its coolant level may be too low if this is the case
  • Have your energy costs increased? This can indicate that there is a problem with the air conditioning system

What to check when examining the office air conditioning?

  • Check the filters when you are maintaining your air conditioner. If the device is not cleaned often, several of the most frequent air conditioner defects develop.
  • The longevity of your air conditioner may be extended by simply giving the air vents a thorough cleaning.
  • There may occasionally be twigs and leaves that enter the condensing unit from the outside. With routine inspections, get rid of them.
  • By toggling between heating and cooling modes, you can test your system. When you do this, if nothing changes, it may be a sign that the reverse valve in your system needs to be repaired.
  • Look for rust and corrosion in your office’s air conditioning. These might develop over time, and it is advisable to have them fixed before any deterioration worsens.

Is a service for your air conditioning necessary?

Because you assume that inefficient air conditioners will operate in the background while you go about your daily business, they might surprise you.

The following are some signs that your system may require air conditioning maintenance:

  • You haven’t recently utilized the air conditioning
  • You’ve made extensive use of it, both for heating and cooling
  • When it’s on, you can hear it rattling about, and has grown noisy
  • It operates in arid or dusty environments
  • Drip marks can be seen around the condensers, pipelines, or equipment
  • It doesn’t seem like the air it blows is as cool as it should be

Schedule a service to keep your air conditioner operating reliably. You could save future hassle and discomfort by taking action now.

Some signs the needs commercial AC servicing:

If you heard unusual noises coming from the unit:

Although a business air conditioning machine creates certain noises during operation, the noises shouldn’t be too loud. If the system starts making distracting noises, it might hinder your staff’s productivity and annoy clients who are just dropping by. 

When there is a problem with the fan belts, squealing sounds are produced. Clicking noises denote loose parts, but rattling noises may suggest material lodged within the external unit. When your air conditioner starts producing these strange noises, switch it off to avoid causing more harm. 

If power charges grow:

If you detect an unexpected spike in your utility costs, have your air conditioner serviced. Your system could be clogged with junk which makes it work harder and consume more energy. This may also occur as a result of electrical component damage, compressor failure, or refrigerant leakage. Other times, the thermostat can be providing incorrect temperature readings to your air conditioner.

If your unit experiences these issues, it will find it difficult to chill the air and will need to use more power to keep up with the building’s needs. To prevent your business from experiencing higher power costs, have an expert inspect the equipment and resolve the problem.

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When AC leaks are detected:

Moisture puddles around your appliance can be a sign of clogged drain pipes. Moisture near the air conditioner may potentially be a symptom of refrigerant leakage. Since moisture encourages the formation of mold, this problem needs to be addressed right away. 

There may be an increase in sick days taken by staff members who have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions. Reduce absenteeism and potentially costly repairs by having a professional handle this problem as soon as feasible.

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Ahsan Khan
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