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How Does Humidity Affect Your Skin And Hair?


There is a ton of linkage when it comes to the weather and health conditions. The hair and skin are one of the first things that get affected whenever there is a change in the weather. These elements will always link up. Humidity has always had a strong connection with hair and skin. Once it starts to kick in, you will be able to feel a difference immediately. Therefore, you will be facing some issues that everyone else will also feel. 

Therefore, the different amount of moisture in the air is always going to cause some harm and differences. Numerous people tend to think that only high humidity levels will affect your skin and hair. However, this is false. When there will be low levels of humidity, you will feel your skin to be dry and also crack. It will start to be rough and you will have difficulties getting it back on track. Moreover, when it comes to high levels of humidity, you will notice that you will have more acne and rashes. This is mainly because of the clogged pores that you will have to face during high levels of humidity. 

The Cons Of Having High Humidity Levels For Hair 

As your body needs a balanced diet, your skin and hair need to have the same as well. Being in an area with a balanced level of humidity will give your skin the right amount of moisture as well as your hair. Therefore, you will not experience a ton of hair fall during the humidity time. However, you need to know about all the elements that happen to your hair when there is humidity. Hence, are the different changes that take place. 

Hair Turns Gray And Starts To Thin

There is tons of research that has concluded that humidity can cause the hair to become thin and also lose its color to gray. This majorly happens when it comes to having less protein in the body. Humidity levels also remove the water stored in the body which contributes to low levels of protein. Hence, this is important for the hair to stay healthy in order to avoid breakage. You can also go for salon services at home to have a good hair protein treatment. 

The Sun And Heat Damage 

When there is high humidity, the levels of UV rays do not decrease which is why the heat, as well as the rays, are prone to damaging your hair. The sunlight damages the skin and this breaks off the proteins, cellular membranes as well as some DNA. Therefore, as the moisture tends to evaporate from the air, this brings in more heat which will make everything worse. Hence, this will cause more damage to your hair follicles over time and your hair will be weaker causing it to break off. 

Increase In Scalp Acne 

This happens when the follicles are damaged as well as because of the bacteria living on the skin. The hair follicles are going to be feeding on the oil produced by the oil glands. When this happens on a regular basis, you will be prone to having scalp acne. Dandruff will also be something more noticeable. To cure all of these things, you will need to head to a doctor and get serums as well. 

The Changes In The Skin Due To Humidity 

The skin can be something complex to understand but it will also be affected by humidity. People will face different consequences of different humidity levels. Hence, your skin type might be dry and cracking and it might also have excessive sweat. Here are some of the changes that you will be able to spot when it comes to humidity on the skin. 

Prone To Acne 

When there will be high levels of humidity, your skin will have clogged pores which will result in pimples. A ton of moisture is not important for your skin. It results in pimples and this is something numerous people will notice during high levels of humidity. If you have allergies then this might get serious and you will have to face nasal bleeding as well. 

Have Excess Sweating 

It is clear that you are going to be having a ton more sweating. Summers are already hot and adding more humidity to them will always cause a disaster. What makes this worse is that the sweat will evaporate which will leave that moisture on your skin making you feel more sweaty. 

Skin Break Out 

You will tend to notice more blemishes and painful pimples on your skin. This will cause a breakout when all of these get out of control. It will result in not only acne but will also cause a ton of irritation, itching, and redness. Hence, for this, you will need to take medication and also use creams that your doctor suggests.

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